Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well it's about that time again - new blog time. Which, obviously, should follow that for you, this should coincide with party time. I am going to write a timeline of different thoughts from today, to give you an insight to exactly where my head's been at the last few days, and offer a very weak explanation as to why I'm not fit for blogging currently.

8:02 AM - OH CRAP! Gotta get up. Ninja Turtles is totally on right now.

8:03 AM - I hate Toasted TV. I miss Ryan and Jade from Cheez TV. That Dan guy irritates me, but nowhere near as much as the dude from Rollercoaster. Stupid bowlcut glasses bad-joke idiotface. Pip is ok. She looks 12. Why hasn't TMNT started yet?

8:43 AM - I got up to do this International Studies 1500 word essay that's due tomorrow. But I really would rather watch videos. So I'll do that.

9:16 AM - I guess I should feel guilty. Totally not though. Reading blogs. Hate being sick, can't believe I've already killed about half a box of tissues.

9:18 AM - Ahem. Toilet Break.

10:18 AM - DB is here. Isn't it strange that when a car comes to pick you up, it's always two horns? Why not one? Is that not enough, and the person won't come outside? Is three too rude that the person will be upset and stay inside? Who decided this? When I drive, I'm going to horn five times.

10:44 AM - I hate Monash car pool parking. Biggest loser. Not the TV show, but it could stand to lose some weight. Especially in the form of loser cars who park here before we get to uni. Why doesn't uni start ten minutes after I start, meaning we always get the first park?

10:45 AM - Look at that smug couple who just happened to get good luck and sail into car pool parking when someone was leaving, just after we parked. DB and I should totally mug them and change all the nouns in their uni notes to 'poo', 'bum' and 'wee'. That'll teach them to be smug. See how much they love uni then. Stupid man in his stupid vest.

11:15 AM - German is quite good today. I am actually understanding stuff and... DOING WORK! I am such a winner. That girl keeps looking at me. Please stop looking at me. I keep looking at her tissues in her bag, because I'm almost out. The ones I have look like dirty little shreds of wet paper. Do I dare take one when she's not looking?

11:16 AM - I don't dare.

12:00 PM - Yes. Finished uni today. Now I'll just kill some time with Yugoslavian uni friend and then go home with DB. Oh yes, I have a Crunchy Nut bar in my lunch. Winner!

12:24 PM - I'm talking to Yugoslavian uni friend about our traditional foods. Neither of us know, and are trying to define Australian food. Not working. Is it considered that I have traditional Asian food often if we eat rice almost every night? Bit racist. Whatever.

12:58 PM - ARGH!!!! Sitting all alone waiting for DB to turn up at the car, singing to myself, quite loudly. Suddenly, in the car in front of me, a girl just pops up and stares at me. She was apparently sleeping.. in her car. Fool. That's what the library is for. If you're going to stare, at least sing with me. Or go home and sleep?

1:30 PM - Ok. I'm home. Gotta get crackin on this essay. But first, I'll eat my lunch. Pizza roll yessss.

1:40 PM - Alright. Ready. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. That is so Spongebob of me. Hey, I should watch Spongebob! But probably not now. I'll just check my emails and stuff first.

2:20 PM - Yep. Really. Wasting. Time. Right. Now. I haven't done guitar scales in a while. Gotta do them if I want to be ready for my international tour next year.

2:50 PM - Oh my gosh. Why can't I work? What organ controls motivation? Is it the brain? Imagine it was something else, like appendix or tonsils or something weird. Then, when you got it removed, you explain lack of motivation. Pity I haven't had anything removed.

2:58 PM - Ok. Getting started. First I'll make some tea, fill my water bottle, get a new tissue box, and then get started. Good, I'm getting there.

3:00 PM - WOO GO GO GO! WORKKKKKK. First I'll listen to the recording of the lecture I need.

3:02 PM - I'm tired. And have had enough.

3:06 PM - I want more tea. My uni lecturer is so silly. His voice goes up at the end of every sentenCE. Like thIS. Plus he likes to swear loTS, so that he fits IN. Fails.

3:33 PM - Ha. It's 333 PM. Awesome.

4:00 PM - Yessss. I've knocked off 361 words. That's 24%. Awesome.

4:30 PM - I am readddddinnngg myyyy texxtttboook. I am readdding my texxtttbookk. I am reading. reading. reading. OHHH. I am reading my texxtttboook.

4:42 PM - Oh crap, I haven't chosen a Captain Planet episode for the Garage yet. I've been too busy doing nothing and watching Captain Planet episodes.

5:30 PM - Hmm. One and half hours and I've still only written 361 words. I guess that warrants a break, right? I haven't blogged in a while, not since that totally awesome one on Stray Cats. Hmm. Maybe I'll write a super cool timeline on my thoughts.

5:39 PM - This really isn't working out how I wanted it to. It's going to be super crap.

5:45 PM - Yep. Bad. But I've already written more words than I have for my INT1010 essay. Can't go back and delete them now, that would be ludicrous. I want more tea. Heroes is on tonight. Yay nachos!

EDIT: 5:57 PM - I don't even care. Best. Blog. Ever.


  1. pretty much one of my favourite blogs.
    you amuse me.
    and it amuses me.
    mainly because generally everything that was mentioned.. happens to me everyday.
    wear ur helmet!!!
    and the two horn beep thing is weird. i agree. i will beep twice really long.. and twice after that really quickly. that will be my trademark.

  2. I'll get a novelty horn that shouts: "Illuminated Picture Frame!" In the vocie of Sean Connery. I don't think I spelt his name right. Don't care.

    I loved this post. But was too long. Long long long long long.

    I want to finish my homework also.



  3. Em: Glad to be of amusement service to you. Of course it happens to you everyday. Remember. I'm. In. Your. Head. I can creep under helmets.
    And I imagined your trademark beep. It made me smile.

    Jono: I imagined "Illuminated Picture Frame". It also made me smile. I even said it out loud. And you did spell the name right. But not voice.
    And it was NOT TOO LONG. That's so rude of you.

  4. BA. HA.

    People should always write their diaries like this. It's much better than the usual 'what happened today' and it would make for more interesting reading-of-other-peoples-diaries.

    Which I never do. Anymore.

    Goodgood post. I like. Funny.

  5. Em2: I'm considering writing more posts like this, because it seems to have amused people (even the ones that DON'T COMMENT! I WILL FIND YOU, YOU THOUGHT STEALING PIRATES!)... ahem. and it also amused me.

    You have permission to read my diary.