Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free. Simple.

Today is a good day for many reasons. It's only 2:15, but I am happy and relaxed. More than in recent times. I am a person of not drastically fluctuating emotions, but I have the occasional very high point, and fairly low point. Today is a very high point.

I started off early. Got up, exercised, played piano, sang. Things that make me happy. I sent a message to K, because today is an anniversary for us. I also got to see her last night, which is always an uplifting event. Then, driving to uni, I had a good philosophical chat with DB (Driving Buddy), who I've only become friends with this year. I really enjoy our chats, because they range from all sorts of nonsense to things of real substance, and because they're always honest and open.

At uni, I got good marks back from an essay I did in German, and afterwards hung out in the sunshine playing frisbee with new uni friends. Also fun. I'm really glad I've met new people who are so cool, there have been quite a few good new friends in my life this year - in and out of uni. Later, DB, one of new uni friends and I went to visit COLD ROCK! The greatest ice creamery in history. Basically, if you've never been... you choose from all sorts of different ice creams you may have never seen anywhere else... and then add different 'mixers', like nuts, marshmallows, wizzfizz, chocolates, toppings, etc.... and then they smash it all together, and you have the greatest ice cream you will ever eat. Today I was mature... and had choc-mint/bubblegum with nuts.

My happy place.

However, the highlight of our ice cream party was not my choc-mint/bubblegum with nuts. It was meeting an old man, who was very much like Forrest Gump. So I'll call him Forrest. He was a really genuine, nice man, who just started talking to us about peanut butter, which turned into honey, which turned into the country, which turned into beaches, which turned into his children...the navy... farming...a lake near Ballarat...where he lived...his son's failure to get a degree...some guy with lots of guns in his truck...etc. Most of his stories didn't end, but he was interesting, and loved telling us, total strangers, about his life. I quite enjoyed hearing it. Anyway, he walked out with us, and before saying goodbye, he stopped and told us to get our degrees, or if we didn't do that, to find something we love and do that. As long as we were happy. And that he wished us good, safe, happy lives. Pretty much, Forrest was one of the best elderly people I've ever met. He was a fairly simple guy, but simple is good. He seemed very free, very happy. It's sort of infectious.

After dropping uni friend off, DB and I came home, singing to Donavon Frankenreiter and Jack Johnson. Good, relaxed, appropriate music for such a sunny, awesome day. DB and I talked about relationships, etc. and how we appreciate simpler things and signs that you care, rather than presents or spent money. I think that K and I have that. DB was also talking about being frustrated at having to go to work, but more frustrated that they were complaining about having a job, when so many didn't. I don't really have a job, but relating that to other stuff, I don't have much to complain about. Life is, although sometimes stressful, really good for me. I'm alive, healthy, have a house, friends, family, money. I shouldn't be so naive as to think all this happiness can come without a little negative, to balance it up. After all, if all I had was good, I'd think it was just average and want better stuff. Also, there might be rules and laws I have to abide by in this life, but I'm very free to do what I want, if I'm willing to do what it takes to get it. I sound cliche but I really don't care, because I believe this.

So there it is. Things I'm thankful for:

  • Beautiful weather
  • Uni - education, opportunities, new friends
  • K
  • Privileges in my life
  • Music
  • Cold Rock
  • Forrest
  • Simplicity
  • Freedom

That about wraps it up. After struggling with all that frustration and loserish-stuff, I'm happy. Very. That stuff will come back, but for now, I'm free of it. It can just go burn in a hole somewhere.

Here's one of the songs we were listening to. I think it's appropriate...not really the standard surf video, but the song is awesome. "Free" - Donavon Frankenreiter, feat. Jack Johnson.


  1. It is so awesome that you;re feling so good today, Bejamino. Who is DB, or are they to remain annonymous?
    I wish I had uni friends like you do. Unfortunately I do not, I have none. Instead, I have annoying school friends who talk to you on msn when you don't want to talk back. Some of which do not talk on msn. I like those ones.
    Anyway, I love Cold Rock. Orange Sorbet + Boyseberry ice cream +boysenberries is the best I have had yet, of all the three times I have been. Mixed together is way better than not mixed.
    Blup. So much mroe to say, but I can't remember what.

  2. That sound like so much fun that I wish I went to uni. Forest sounds like a fun person to meet. What you wrote about him makes me think of an Abe Simpson-esque character, but less stupid and vague.

    I can relate to DB, I do that sometimes. The other day I was frustrated because I didn't know what to wear, and even more frustrated because it frustrated me. I normally don't care about those sots of things.

    You may wonder 'why did Emily take so long to comment after I told her I'd posted a new blog?'

    The reason for that is, after reading about your delightful trip to the iced creamery, I exclaimed to those in my immediate surroundings "Let's go to Cold Rock!"

    So my brother Josh, my friend Jen, and I went up the road a tad to Cold Rock. I had choc mint & double chocolate with mars bar. Was tasty, the caramel from the mars bar froze though. Josh had Ferrero Roche, and Jen had bubblegum & banana mixed with mini m&m's. At the I scream! store, we ran into Maddy, a girl in my smallgroup I lead. So ended our trip to Yummyville.

    Jono: I relate to you annoying school friends who always talk to you on msn, and the ones who don't.

  3. Jono: DB will remain anonymous. If I express the feelings and opinions of other people, I generally want to get their consent before posting. That's why I asked you if I could post about strengths/weaknesses of Air, etc. Besides. I'm sure you could work it out if you really could be bothered.

    Ha. Uni friends sounds like a category. It's really just more friends.. who are at uni. It's nice and simple.. and in a way I'm glad they aren't on my computer and I don't have their number. Sort of. If you understand that.

    Cold Rock is so awesome... I'll probably have my engagement party, bucks party, wedding reception and honeymoon there. Awesome. DB and I are going to buy a large takehome pack and finish it at the end of exams. We will have a massive ice cream party for everyone to enjoy.

    Em: You don't need uni to have a fun day. Today just happened to involve uni. And Forrest.... is such a cool guy. I hope he has a happy rest of his life. And yes. I did think Abe Simpson as well... nineteen-dickety-two... which is what you had to say in those days because the Kaiser stole our word for twenty. But also, he was so interesting and friendly.

    I also get frustrated at my frustration at meaningless things too.

    Cold Rock yay awesome. I need to be more adventurous and try the weird flavours though. And yes, DB and I discussed this. Don't have gooey or gummi things in ice cream, because it always goes so hard and bad.