Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Circle of Blogs

This blog, and its readers, are mostly part of one blog circle. Or family, as I will name it. In no way is this meant to offend anyone, I am pretty much just amusing myself.

The way I see it... My Everest is the father. Yes, I did just make that into a link, that links back to this very thing you are reading. Try it. The only reason for this is that my blog was started here before the others, and I would be so arrogant as to claim at least partial credit for the starting of some of the other blogs in this circle.

Secondly, Jono's exemplary note pad of significant importance would probably be the son. Why? Because I am proud of him. One day, he will have a little blog family of his own. I will pass on the father role to him when I am gone. I will soon have to explain the birds and the bees to him, and tell him to use protection with other blogs. He might get a virus, mainly because Jono has shared himself with many a blog.

Thirdly, I'm thinking Under the sky... would be the youngest in the family, and possibly, therefore, my daughter? Ha. Anyway. Emily is the youngest of our blog circle, and I find her very amusing in that her posts are so varied, and her mind is all over the place. Much like mine. Plus, her last post had Transformers.

Fourthly, Chicken, Em, or Emmalee ...and everything in between... could possibly be the mother. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe just because she's second oldest. I enjoy reading this, just as much as I enjoy reading the others, because Chicken Fingers is quite a good friend of mine with shiny skin and not too shabby hair... and that really shows through on her blog? Ha.

Nextly, The Running (thoughts of) Waters is like that distant relative you rarely see. In the space of exactly 50 days, Matthew has managed three posts, one of which he did not completely write. I did, however, find his two real posts interesting to read anyway, and I want more NOW. Hint hint, nudge nudge, start your freakin' typing. He is also the next in line to take over my Minesweeper Gym. Flow on Waters, flow on.

Hmm let's see now. I guess No Diggity would be like the pet, in that it does not speak to the rest of the family, also known as a 'Comment Scrooge'. I would probably say that all the other anonymous readers of this blog are also pets. And I will be damned if I am feeding you tonight.

Well, I almost gave up on this post halfway through, when I was S-T-R-UGGLING, but I pushed through the pain barrier... and ended up with this not-exactly-what-i-wanted post. Oh well. Hope you enjoy it. Once again, there is no offence meant. The family order pretty much wasn't even in my head, I just made it up. But props to me for linking to you.


  1. I like this post.
    I did not click on any links this time. I can reach all of these links from my blog. Hence, I am in this circle of blogs. Holding with two hands; the writing AND the commenting hands.
    I am the champion of blogs! Yay!

  2. So...You're my daddy? Em is my mummy? And Jono's my big brother?

    I did click the My Everest link, just because I could.

    Waters should stop being a [Analogy/MetaphorQuickThink] puddle, and and should be a river, a fast blogging river, or even possibly a waterfall, but more like a bloggerfall.

    Digger and his comment scrooge.
    He has my clothes. There is an explanation. But he has my shorts. And there is a party in July. There are many parties in July.

    Ok this comment is too ramblonging.

    The End.

  3. I'm proud of you my children. Very proud. Now go to bed.

    I know why Digger has your clothes. Spooky! And I know there is a party in July too. Hoorah!

  4. yes.
    everything mentioned i agree with,
    i am quite happy having em and jono as my children, as i am growing increasingly fond of them everyday.
    we are in fact a family.
    we are indestructable.
    and that is the way i like it.
    digger.. is in fact.. the family pet.
    yay. so proud to be in the circle.
    plj :)

  5. This just in, to be in the blog family, you must wear underwear on your head. Mine is blue and white. Awesome.

  6. Mine are pink and frilly and have Barbie on them.
    Ew, I don't like Barbie.

    Okay, mine are old school (and I'm talking olde schoole) underwear that are long and not underwear like.

    No, wait, that's stupid.
    Mine are orange. And pink. and have my name written on them like my photo.

  7. Also, MW is apparently very distantly related to me.

    Because he is distantly related to Brendan, and I am less distantly related to Brendan.
    Therefore we are related.

    Detaler. That's a cool word. Don't steal it. I've already got it.

  8. Brendan and I are actually the SAME person. He is my clone. Couldn't you see?

    We are ever so identical. Also... Brendan is your brother-in-law and Matthew is something like his sixth cousin-in-law twice removed. I may be just making that up. What does removed mean anyway?

    Ok you have ye olde undergarments. But they still have Barbie on them.

    What are the details of the meaning of detaler?

  9. Detaler = Related backwards.

    Yes, you and Brendan are very alike, the way I see it is that Sophia didn't realise that either of you were Asian. Bet she couldn't tell the difference.
    In fact, I think that at beach mission you sometimes played toast, while Brendaniel said "and theeeeen?"

    Maybe removed means people divorced? Or dead, removed in some way?
    I know not.

    Fine, I'll keep Barbie. Better than 'Bratz' I hate those deformed excuses for play dolls.

  10. Ben and Brendan are the same person. But I was a siamese twin with Brendanahead. (I spelt that wrong, yes, I know.)
    That measn that Ben also had a twin that was separated at birth.
    Mysterious music
    Who is it?

  11. Imagine if we were a siamese triplet! Awesome. Would you choose right left or centre position? I'd probably choose right.

  12. Left. Brendan would be center. That way we would go from shortest to tallest.