Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feeling Productive

Today I feel motivated to do stuff. I have the whole day, before small group in the evening. I'm going to attempt to:

  • Clean my room.
  • Post updates on cleaning.
  • Journal bible readings.
  • Read more of "The Irresistible Revolution", which I am halfway through.
  • Exercise.
  • Be happy.
On top of that, I'm also attempting this year to:
  • Read more.
  • Journal more.
  • Bible more.
  • Friendship more.
  • Actually use a diary, so I don't keep forgetting events.
  • Become even more intentional in my ministry - making it just as much as meaningful to me as the people I'm ministering to.
Here goes nothing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rowville Bushfire Relief

This was posted on Digger's blog:
Lots of things are being donated to families displaced by the bushfires - but where to from there?

St. Vincent de Paul Society has set up in a MASSIVE warehouse in Rowville. There is a bigger pile of things than I can describe, but before it can be distributed, it needs unpacking, sorting and repacking so that it's available to people who really need it.

There's room for hundreds to help but only dozens there at the moment. There are people sorting:
8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
8am - 4pm Saturday
between now and the end of the month, at least. Or, as the lady running it told me "For as long as it takes."

If you can spare an hour or two to help, that would be fantastic. You just rock up to the warehouse, register quickly and then get to work. Lunch, tea and coffee are provided.

The exact address is Lot 7, Henderson Road, Rowville, but the building has a sign out front saying "For Lease" labelled "37 Dunlop Road, Mulgrave". It's 400m from Kellet's Road. I've put the exact location on this map:,145.242382&spn=0.011512,0.01914&t=h&z=16&msid=108540098799107343748.000462a2a625f9fb015d8

Please forward this invitation on to anyone you think might be interested.
I went last week and it was great to help out and meet all the people who have given up time to assist. Get on it.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I've found it easy to get a bit down over the last week with all the news reports, stories and friends' experiences with the bushfires... but this is something that made me laugh quite a bit the other day.

My mum's desktop.

Don't notice anything interesting yet? Well, how about a closer inspection.


That's right. My mum has a 'Show Desktop' icon on her desktop. I went to delete it, but she told me not to, because "it might be important." This is the same lady that I once caught dialling a phone number into the tv remote and getting freaked out because the tv was acting possessed and her calls wouldn't connect. I can't wait to be like that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From the canvas - my prayer for the bushfires

God may our humanity be what burns brightest now,
May spirit, love, community and kindness... even forgiveness continue to be stirred into flame,
You are moving in people and their overwhelming response of compassion to tragedy,
It is what gives us hope, it is where the light is in the time of darkness,

And so with this in our hearts and minds,
Let us sing - loudly, defiantly,

as one voice
one nation
one world,
O, sing, souls, sing:
Life can
Life must
Life will go on.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This Way To Heart Disease...

I have two additions this week to my stalking of bacon ridiculousness. Although, strictly, one is not bacon. Then again, who knows what's inside? Bacon, children, mongeese (true plural?) , apricots, sasquatch? The answer, my friends, will never be known. Except, all of the above.

Number #1:
Sometimes I look at bacon and think: "Wow. This won't do. It doesn't serve as an alarm clock or a suit. What use to me are you?" Clearly, somebody else has too. So they decided to take two pounds of bacon (907 grams for the metrically inclined), season it, add another two pounds of sausage, put on another layer of bacon, some barbecue sauce, smoke, then add one last layer of barbecue sauce. Now this has been blogged one million times, has been in papers all over the place. So the only thing I'm going to add is this: On the website, when you look at the finished product... does it look like a cake made from poo to you too? Either that, or the blood and sweat cake from Matilda.

Bruce Bogtrotter's gonna love this. Don't understand that obscure reference? Well. Then you're going straight to the Chokey.

Number #2:
I'm actually really interested in this one. Since I've still got time before uni, I may just attempt it.

Potato + pig + garden hose + sasquatch.

I am well aware I've wasted my time writing this blog and that there are more meaningful things I could be writing. Stop shouting at me.