Monday, May 21, 2007


Q: Could I go 24 hours without laughing or making a joke?
A: Ha. Laughable... You're damn right I can. Challenge me?

A2: In fact, I'm so confident, I would say I could do it for one and a half days.

A3: Two days even, while watching funny episodes of Family Guy, and talking to lots of people on phone or internet or... in person. The regular way.

A4: Ok stop, I'm slightly less confident now and will not extend the time any further.

A5: Perhaps post a comment with reward if I can do it and punishment if I can't?


  1. Reward: One and a half days of unfunnyness.

    Punishment: Death by bad karaoke. And bad jokes. By Brendan. You know the sorts of jokes I am talking about.

    Knock knock.
    Who's there?
    Carrot who?
    Carrot cucumber.

    Yes, that sort of joke. Brendan actually told that joke. He though it was very funny. I laughed. But no at the joke. That joke is not funny.

  2. Your reward... shames me. Your punishment, however, scares me enough to do it. I heard the carrot cucumber joke. And found it appalling. Abysmal even.

    Esther thinks I cannot do it. What is your opinion?

    Also, do you think it would be harder for me to do two days no laughter/jokes or two days no singing?

  3. oh gosh.
    is it shameful if i just cracked up laughing at the carrot cucumber joke?
    ... and still am?
    sigh. carrot cucumber.

  4. Bree laughed for a looooong time when Brendan told that joke.

    It could only B-rendan.

    REWARD: One and a half days of funniness. You can laugh and laugh and laugh until your are all laughed... out... in? But then you won't laugh anymore and the challenge wouldn't be hard to do again.

    REWARD NO. 2: New car!!

    PUNISHMENT: You will be forced to sit and watch 'Leprechaun 4: Space Platoon' over and over for two days.
    You are allowed toilet breaks and sleep. But you must eat in front of the TV. You must also sleep in front of it. You are allowed to leave the room for toilet. It could get messy otherwise.

  5. Yes. Very very shameful. You and Brendan are a match made in Heaven. The love calculator rates you two at 104%. Which means, you're already pregnant. One of you anyway.

  6. Bree is a silly McBilly. Wow what a quick reply!

    Reward 1 is a rubbish reward. And almost the same as Jono's rubbish reward. Just a little better.

    Reward 2.... back it up and I'll go a week.

    Punishment acceptable.

  7. I think it would be harder to not sing, but that's just my opinion. I would find that harder. Especially if I went to school. Eitehr way, I doubt you could do it, but you may surprise me.

  8. I actually think the jokes and laughter is much harder for me than not singing. Except, of course, if I happened to be performing in a musical those two days.

    Even worse, if it happened to be a comedic musical. Then I'd be in serious trouble.

    Yours and other people's doubting of me have made me resolve to do it. And then I'll stick it in your faces and you will have to eat humble pie. But save me a slice.