Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awkward Dia(b)log

So, um. Hey, Blogspot. How's it goin? Long time no see. Oh, me? Yeh I'm fine, just been busy you know.. uni, church stuff, basketball, life.

...Yeh, so sorry I haven't seen you much lately, just had so much on my plate. I've been organising my 21st, trying to start some assignments, getting busier with the ministry stuff. My cousins came over from Singapore, we went rockclimbing, I learnt to rollerblade. K and I hit 4 years.

Yeh, I know, I've saved a million drafts, I just never get round to finishing them, you know? And I want to respect you, Blogspot, and that's why I save them until I get the chance to make them better. I would never post sub-par rubbish on you. What? What do you mean most of my stuff is nonsense? I don't like your tone Blogspot. Or your font selection, for that matter.

I think it's clear we've come to a cross-roads. I don't think we can be friends anymore - reality or virtual. So let's just remember the mediocre times we had and move on. Probably won't be seeing you round mate.

...Oh, what?! You're expecting? Are you sure? And you're sure that post is mine?... ah, crap. Alright. See you next week then.

Good News of the Week

I'm studying issues of poverty, foreign aid, global disaster, and development this semester. They're things that I'm absolutely interested in. Unfortunately, university is the great optimism killer. It's hard to sit in classes where the discussion seems mostly about the inevitability of a million more devastating influenzas or the doomed status of any projects of development and aid, or where projects that I've been involved in, like Make Poverty History, get shot to pieces. It's definitely made me wonder how much I've thought about the negatives of those sorts of movements, or in what ways my involvement in them or things like Africa Aid might have been more harmful than good...important reflective thinking, but too much of it can just kill you. I think it's important to maintain some sense of idealism or, at least, optimism - even if for the sake of your own sanity. I refuse to believe that there is no hope for the Third World (or however you wish to classify the poor), or that there is nothing good about the Western world I live in.

So. Here's a little bit of good news. Cadbury's going global on Fairtrade chocolates. While I, admittedly, still have much to learn about Fairtrade and it's possible pitfalls, I still think that this is a positive move that will hopefully benefit some small group of people in need of more work and sale opportunities.

Bite me uni.