Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is a pointless post. But I'm doing it to pass the time. You see, it is 1:32 AM and I can't sleep. It's been like this the last few days. Why? Because there is this sound outside, and it involves cats.

Now. The sound, which is a long, moaning, wailing sound, almost like a baby crying (except more cat-like), is either:
a) A cat being slowly and terribly killed.
b) A cat giving birth. Slowly and terribly. Possibly being killed at the same time.
c) Two cats having sex. And apparently not terribly.

According to mum, it might be cat mating season, therefore it's probably c). This means that for the past three nights, two stray cats have chosen our backyard for their rendezvous point.

What do I do? Should I:
a) Charge other cats admission to watch?
b) Put up posters promoting safe feline sex?
c) Call cat police and tell them? And then charge them admission to watch?
d) Interrupt their fun and chase them away?

It would seem cruel for me to choose d). After all, they're only human feline. But I do really need my sleep. Maybe I'll put up a scare-cat.

Well, that passed five minutes. Hopefully it'll stop soon. Wait. It just did. One cat just squealed. I think they knocked a pot over, or something just broke. Looks like they were rough tonight. I wish my dog was still around.


  1. I hope you got some quality sleep last night, even after the malicious cat attack/loving session/profit-making session. I hope you charged people to watch.

  2. All nights this week. Feline Frolics, Peep Show at my house. $10.

    I shall make many a profit.

  3. 10 dollars.
    im free wednesday.
    might show up then.

  4. PEEP SHOW NIGHT! WOO! See you there Chicken Fingers. Bring another $3 if you want to take photos.