Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well. I know I promised a decent post, and I've actually started and drafting it. Yes. I DRAFT posts sometimes. But I just came home, and read this, and it made me angry. You could click on the 'this' in the last sentence, or here or here or here. They'll all go to the same place.

Basically. Some guy from Sydney has made a game to simulate the Virginia Tech shooting, because, "it would piss everyone off," and that making people angry is "funny". I don't know how to answer this. It seems ridiculous to me, and it does piss me off. I don't want to let him be right, but of course this thing pisses people off. It's crude and obscene and altogether, a very. very. bad joke. Imagine if, in face-to-face talks, he made a joke about the V-Tech shootings. He would be scorned and, rightly, berated for such a disgusting thing. So the Internet is where you go to hide. And yes. I am conscious I am writing this from behind a blog, and not saying it to his face. It just seems so selfish and inconsiderate, and also because when asked about how he would feel if he upset relatives or friends of those killed in the massacre, he just said he, "didn't want to touch the subject." FAR OUT. Sometimes. I. Just... Hate.

EDIT: This is an updated story on the same thing. Apparently ransoms were a joke. Still. Very. Unfunny.


  1. I didn't know about this thing until now, on the blog. It is disgusting, yes.
    I don't thik you're hiding behind the internet, but. If you knew him, or had acsess to him I'm sure you'd say it to his face.

  2. I just woke up, morning after writing this. Still as angry as ever. If I knew him or saw him face to face? I'd be tempted to do things to him that would not be Christianlike. That's how angry it makes me.

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  4. i felt i had to comment.. but im scared that if i say anything too specific.. i will get so mad that this comment will turn into a lot of swearing and angry fist shaking.
    all i am going to say: as i think you know the rest of how i feel..
    is that this guy has no feelings, or no consideration for others and i think hes quite cruel.
    i looked at the game the other day and out of curiosity pressed play, and stopped after the first twenty seconds. itr is disgraceful, and makes me sad that he is Australian.
    that is all.
    p.s watch the magpies.
    they poo a lot?

  5. Em: After reading these, I shook my fist. So hard. It made me really annoyed, mainly because it was 'funny', and that he thought he'd proved something by pissing people off. Of course it was going to idiot. Doesn't make you a hero or a genius. And to ask for money for it? And then, when asked how he'd feel about the families of the victims, he "didn't want to go into it" or "hoped they wouldn't ask him to take it down". ARGH.

  6. I was going to comment this, but I forget what I was going to say.