Monday, May 07, 2007

Heard In...Philosophy

(Class discussion going on about morality of abortion. Suddenly...)

Intellectual: I really, really, like... hate awkward's"

(The longest awkward silence in the history of the world. Everybody stares as a gigantic tumbleweed appears in our fourth storey classroom, rolls through the room and smacks her in the face. The world becomes a little bit dumber.)

Very clearly, I am having an interesting life at the moment. I'm tired, bored, frustrated, sick and all together, not in the mood for much. Including blogging. For those of you who live off my blog, and require it to survive... this should help for the next 32.5412 seconds EXACTLY. Good session.


  1. 32.5412 seconds is not long enough!

  2. I'm amazed at how quickly you comment new blogs em. You are the mythical ever-ready battery operated blog shark, swimming in the big wide internet sea. This comment should give you another 23.342 seconds.

  3. idiot.
    ur class is lame.
    just like your hair.
    i dont like people that dont like awkward silences.
    i think they are funny.
    i laugh.
    but i dont have many.
    when i see there is one.. i exclaim "this is NOT an awkward silence.. it is a totally COMFORTABLE silence"
    but i dont have many,
    and if i do i just laugh.
    like i did at stupid girl in ur class.
    lame lame lame

  4. ahem. my hair just won the award for most shiniest bestest awesomest hair in all the world. 50 million voters might be wrong.. but not in this case.

    do you really exclaim that? even in a uni class where you don't know people? 10 points to you if you do.

    she is a silly girl. how silly. billy. dare i say it... willy of her.


    ps. write a new blog.
    pps. send it to me first and i totally won't post it, and try to pass it off as my own work.

  5. Firstly, who is plj?
    Secondly, awkward silences ae for losers.
    Thirdly, 32.5412 seconds was not correct. I timed my reading of it. 78.15673984878 seconds, not including writing this comment/reading otehr comments. Not that it makes much of a difference.

  6. Jono, there are some things you will never understand. Lately, they've been things that are between Em and I haha. Let them stay that way.

    Well, if you were entertained longer than I predicted, I have done a better job than I thought. Winner.

  7. You're all gonna hate me! Because I really, really, like... hate awkward silences...

    Although, not just normal awkward silences, those are alright, but really awkward situations say like if you had to, umm... if your boyfriend/girlfriend told you they were breaking up with you because they were gay and going out with your mother/father. While that is usually very unlikely and slightly humourous in theory, think of how awkward things like that could be in real life...

    Anywho. I. Am. So. Lightning. At. Blog. Reading.
    Emily's internet habits:
    Usually goes on twice a day, which is terrible. Logs into MSN and MySpace at the same time. Checks her email, checks MySpace, then checks various blogs.

  8. Emily. You are...............(insert awkward silence)....................................crazy.

    Twice a day isn't shameful. I do that often or more. And I am also a blog shark, but you have quicker reflexes than me. I'm working a reply to your blog. Kapeesh?