Thursday, May 31, 2007

Funny Cos It's True

I hate when people say:

It's funny cos it's true. (More like, it's funny because you're a jerk?)
It's true/wrong/funny on so many levels. (More like, you're a jerk on so many levels?)
It's wrong/true/funny in so many ways. (More like, you're a jerk in so many ways?)

NEVER SAY THEM (PS. I'm sorry you're not a jerk... I have issues.)

I also hate that I know someone would have commented this, and might still, using one of those as comedic sarcasm. All of them, except maybe the 'wrong' one, might work...

The secret sauce in some burgers involves poop? Ok. We've got that covered. It now works.

Pointless post? NO!


  1. It's true on so many levels!

    Ok, I just did that to be annoying XD

    But I do use that/those phrase/s. Well, 'It's wrong on so many levels' I have used.

    BA! HA!

  2. I..knew..someone would do it. Ridiculous. Took the easiest option for a joke and didn't work for it.

    Also... add "XD" to the list of things I hate. And "S2". And "ROFL" (And no Chicken Fingers, you may not say "ROFLCOPTER"), "LMAO", "LOL". Especially if they say any of these in person.

  3. yeah. joke was too easy..
    you hate lots of things.
    what happened to love thy neighbour?
    what if roflcopter lived next to you?
    xx plj

  4. Haha, I agree with your hating of these, to some extent, but do not feel as strongly about it as you do.
    You should understand that some people lack enough brain capacity to make up their own jokes, so they have to recycle these old, bad ones. You should not hate people for having this disability.

  5. Emmalee: I can still love my neighbour and get agitated at what they say.

    Roflcopter does live next to me. He brings me cookies.

    Jono: You... took it too seriously? I don't think you need to be lecturing me on this stuff. It's just a stupid blog I wrote?

    Wow. I guess I should never write these blogs again.

  6. everyone.
    get into my room ;)

  7. Doh, grounded?
    Damn. I won't ever do that joke again.


  8. I really seriously wasn't being serious when I wrote that comment, however it sounded. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was lecturing. I don't lecture.
    Ben. don't stop writing these sort of ranting/light hearted posts. I like them.

  9. Emmalee: Yes GROUNDED! Um... it's MY room. Except my entire extended family is staying in there.

    Em: Grounded. Go. Now. But you can leave early possibly. I will discuss it with your mother.

    Jono: I shall write one just for you one day. Hooray.