Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What is worth more: A morsel or a smidgeon?

I have MPH Road Trip training tonight. It is actually quite irritating because: I had to ring up last week, months after successfully applying for group leader position... and then found out they had already had the trainings, and I just didn't get the e-mails! FRUSTRATION STATIONS.

Because of this, I am waiting here at uni for another... 4 hours. Huzzah. Exams are coming soon and I am scared scared scared. Mainly because I don't know how well I need to do, after taking into account how I'm going at uni already, to keep my scholarship. And I really want to keep my scholarship. Did I mention I have a SCHOLARSHIP? I'm so modest, I should win an award.

I was thinking before... if I was a reader of this blog and not the writer... I'd probably hate it. I'd probably think the writer was a loser who brags about his SCHOLARSHIP too much. Oh well. I am not, therefore I love my work. And that's all that matters.

For those of you that care, Varytales has a new post, so start leaving comments! The story needs to pick up a bit methinks. I may or may not have already left one suggestion on the post.

I am also horrendously, atrociously, abysmally tired and sore this week. I think it was because of church family camp on the weekend. Which was a major struggle, that I do not feel like writing about now. I did, however, manage to prove that my Lent exercises have paid off - I won the one arm pushup comp with 32 pushups. Please accept me? The downside of being the winner, apart from having one arm now much bigger than the other, is that my arm, face, back, and legs have pretty much fallen off. I'm typing with my earlobes right now.

I am also going to do the "No laughing/joke-making challenge" at some point. Possibly in the holidays when I have more time to interact with people/be super boring to them. I was thinking, I could just try to not say much and be a mysterious person. Or just try to force people to speak seriously with me. Either or.

It's fair to say that this is the biggest rambling post I have ever written. And certainly the most links in a post here. Linktastic. I think I'll end it here, because it actually does drain me to write crap that is in my head. Good work all round.


  1. What sort of hero updated Varytales?

    Anyway, I loved all the links. I visited them all. Except for the one on Lent. I read that post and remember it. Also, I am a reader and don't think you are bragging to badly abouit your scholarship. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I got a SCHOLARSHIP for years 10, 11 and 12 at Melbourne High? (Sorry, just thought I'd slip that one in there.)

    Why was family camp a struggle? Because of what was alluded to in a previous post at a different location, or because of the whole weekend? If you don't feel like posting it here, don't. And if you don't feel like telling me at all. Don't. I was just asking.

    And since when can Make Poverty History be abbrieviated to MPH. Ridiculous.

  2. Smidgeon.
    Is worth more.

  3. Jono: What sort of hero commented Varytales?

    By the way, since Grade 5, I have had SCHOLARSHIPS! Note: Plural. Four different scholarships.

    I will talk about family camp to you later, but I talked about it a bit with you already.

    Make Poverty History has always been MPH. For people who cared to call it that.

    Em: How do you measure it?

  4. You don't. They don't have measurements.
    But if you wanted a morsel of rice or something, I'd give you one grain. If you wanted a smidgeon of rice then I'd give you a little portion.

    Firefox says that smidgeon is spelled smidgen.

  5. I've never had a scholarship for anything. Never went for one.

  6. I agree about the rice thing, Emily.

    I noticed a hero that commented on VaryTales. Wow, he must really look up to the guy who wrote the post!

    I don't like SCHOLARSHIPS anymore.

  7. I like SOLARSHIPS

    That's like scholarship but with out the 'ch'

    Solar. Ships. Reminds. Me. Of. A. Story. That. Needs. A. Hero. To. Update. It.


  8. What if the rice was glutinous or stuck together? A morsel, I presume, would then be like a bite?

    Firefox can burn in foxhell.

    I did appreciate the update of Varytales, yes. One shall have several heroes! OOO

  9. If it was all stuck together I would break it apart.

    It wouldn't be a smidgeon or a morsel if it was stuck together, it would be a clump.

  10. i do not know the difference between whatever words they are.
    i was so distracted i forget
    and now i dont even have the energy to go back and look.
    its probably answered in the comments. but i also dont have the energy hahahahahha
    um. AANYWHO.
    dont do laughing thing.
    i will cry.
    or not talk to you for two days.
    also, damn it.
    had something really interesting.
    oh well.

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  12. As if you wouldn't support me and talk to me if I did not laughing or jokes. What am I? A Joke Whore?...

    Wikipedia says yes. Damn.


    The Scholarship King. In your FACE. RACIST!