Tuesday, May 08, 2007

WYR #2

Still posting meaningless stuff. Struggling with life. Some of you will have already answered some. Doesn't matter, do it again.

Would you rather...

Iron out the creases in your elbows OR Cook your hands in a toaster? (Thank you Em Wood)

Never be said hello to or never be said goodbye to? (Goodbye not as in forever, just when people leave they don't say anything to you)

Have Mentos nipples or the thing under a rooster's chin (but it's skin coloured, and shall forevermore be known as the chicken chin)?

Have wings that let you fly for ten minutes a day or a fully functionable, controllable tail?

Be covered in ears or covered in noses?

Always try to open the door the wrong way in front of lots of people (push when you should pull, vice versa) or always have to wait for everyone else to leave before you can leave?

Control fire or ice?

Read a WYR without an alternative?

Supersonic hearing or x-ray vision?

Not be able to use the Internet for two years or not be allowed to listen to music for the two years?

Answer these and win a prize. Possibly in the form of me writing a comment in reply to your answers.


  1. My answers:

    Iron out the creases. You are sadistic Em.

    Never be said goodbye to.

    Chicken chin is the greatest of all chins.

    Fully functionable, controllable tail.


    Always open the door the wrong way.

    Control fire.

    I agree.

    X-ray vision.

    ARGH! What a horrible choice. Should not have invented it. Internet would probably have to go though.

    I don't want to influence you, but... mine are the most correct answers. Keep that in mind.

  2. My answers:

    Iron out creases. You are sadistic Em.

    Never be said heelo to.

    After much contemplation, I changed my previous answer to this one to chicken chin. Yes, mroe practacle.
    (Practicle? I'm not sure how to spell it.)

    Flying is great, but for just ten minutes, I'd go with the tail.

    Ears. NOses are so ugly, and I could eavesdrop easier with ears.

    Always open the door the wrong way.

    Contro, Ice.

    I don't agree. Hence, I found an alternative, which also is why I disagree. Wow, impossible loop!

    X-ray vision.

    ARGH! What a horrible choice. You should not have invented it. Internet would probably have to go though.

    Ben, your answers are least correct, unless they match mine. Just keep that in mind.

  3. Jono. You are so bashed. In a blog sense of course. Therefore I shall have to find a way to make my blog bash yours. Maybe update as often as I do and you'll be halfway near as good as me. OOOO I cut deep.

  4. Aha! I need to change what I'm currently doing to become half as good as your blog, Ben? Natrually, that measn right now, without doing anything, my blog is three times better than yours. Yay!
    Blog fight over.
    My blog wants to be friends now. He's connected you yours via a link, and doesn't want to have to be linked to somebody he is angry with. It's like Homer being attatched to Bart in that one episode: they had to become friends. But they didn't. That's besides the point...

  5. Blog fight may be over, but don't you ever forget. Without me, there would be no blogspot in your life. It would be the same, dreary, nonblogist existance you used to have. You wouldn't want to go back to that, would you?

  6. Oh gosh.

    1. Toaster. Based on previous experience with the iron, and the frog-in-boiling-water theory/method/thing.

    2. Never hello I think. Don't know why, maybe I'm just used to it because I'm just generally laid back and 'whatever'
    And being able to say goodbye just seems to tie up loose ends.

    3. Far out. Ummm, Mentos nipples are easier to hide. Yuck.

    4. Wings. No question. Although it could land you in some sticky situations. Say if your flying time ran out while you were in the air and you landed in a vat of glue. What a sticky situation that would be.

    5. Imagine all the nose picking you could do! Haha, gross. I think I would choose ears though.

    6. Wrong way door opening. It's funny, and I wouldn't mind being laughed at for that.
    Interesting note; I was watching people go through the door at Macca's, and the guys always seemed to push the door, whereas the ladies pulled it. On the way in, the mean were wrong, on the way out, the women were wrong.

    7. Control ice. Just because it would give me some interesting ideas for my story I'm 'writing'

    8...milk was a bad choice!

    9. Supersonic hearing I thinks. Because I always want to hear what people are saying, but rarely seem to have the desire to see things I can't.


    11. What? That's not a question.


  7. Ha! How can Mentos nipples be easy to hide? They stick out! You couldn't wear shirts, and you can't just fold them up or bend them. PAINFUL.

    McDonalds people watching = fun. / Stalker?

    Tell me about your story, and you must now pay me for the idea.


  8. Ok, then I would get the mentos/chicken thing removed.

    Stalker. You? Kidding.

    I shall never tell story. Never. Until I get it on paper/computer/both.

    Yes I would like to read a WYR with no alternative. I think.... actually, I stick with SYNTAX ERROR.

  9. Better than Jono and ChongyMay 12, 2007 2:21 pm

    iron creases, you can hide elbows easier than hands,
    and after all, elbows are ugly anyway

    never be said hello to, imagine how awkward a situation would be if nobody said goodbye

    mentos nipples, be in surgery the next day. its amazing what doctors can do these days.

    be able to fly. what the hell Chong? why would you want a tail what possible service could that be, short of annoying people.

    covered in ears, imagine the smell of you whole body, all the time.

    door the wrong way, i think it speaks for itself

    control fire, it moves faster and would be more useful in a life threatening situation. i.e. house fire

    Read a WYR without an alternative.

    X-ray vision. imagine the marketing strategy there.
    I'm gonna go without the music because in a couple of yeas the internet could be quite important, i could always sing to myself, thats far from musical

    that is all
    josh is cool
    ben and jono are not

  10. I didn't even not answer the right question...

    Sense, no?

    8. Milk was STILL a bad choice.

    10. GahhhAhhHhhhAHhhhhhhh. Music at all? No music? At all? Not even allowed to hear people singing around you? If that's the case, internet. If that's not the case, music.

  11. Em & Josh: YOU CANNOT GET IT REMOVED! RIDICULOUS. No manipulating WYRs, you have to choose one and stick to it.

    Em: It is the case. You choose no internet.

    Josh: Once again. you cannot cut off mentos nipples. They're there to stay. Give them nicknames.
    An opposable tail is so awesome. Waters and I both choose this one. Flying for ten minutes is bogus. You could pick stuff up, yes annoy people, swing on things, never fall over because your tail would extend out like a spring. It's ever so useful.
    You have chosen no music, but remember. You cannot sing to yourself. Singing is an expression of music, no matter if it doesn't hit the notes. Therefore, you will not sing, and be without music for two years. Starting... NOW.

    That is all. Josh will never be as cool as me. Jono is somewhere in between. The end.

  12. I told him you'd pwn him.

  13. Henceforth, let this be known as the 'Great Pwnage of Two-dickety-seven'. (PS. Em. I hate 'pwn' as much as I hate 'lol', 'rofl', 'lmao', 'roflcoptor' (WORST), 'owned', etc. You n00b. ha!)

  14. n00bcake. I am surrounded by gamer geeks.

    ...anyone got any cough medicine? I think I'm coming down with something.

  15. Quick! Use up all their internet time! Make them... 'lag'. I feel so disgustng having used a gamer word.

    Make them blog instead of play games. Pew pew pew.

  16. Josh thinks that blogging is gay.

    Pshhht, although he did leave a comment. I think he secretly wishes he was a blogger.

  17. As if he can think that blogging is gay. I know he blogs... on MYSPACE. MYSPACE! the lowliest of blogs.

  18. and he doesnt use proper grammer at all! how annoying! ahhhhhh!

    your bad at grammar


    I can't believe I just did that