Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super Cereal

The first episode of Serial Drama Movie #2: When Chess Pieces Attack* is officially released! After the award-winning box office release of Serial Drama Movie #1, the latest installment is looking like it'll completely blow The Dark Knight away**.

* May or may not be a false title.
** Based on general estimations***.
*** Give or take several million in ticket sales.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When Blogs Stand Still

Things are moving very slowly in blog land. I feel like writing, but it's quite possibly just for the sake of keeping the words, "I have a blog," or "I blog," true.
Some thoughts:
First, let's begin with the most important philosophical one. What is the correct spelling of the sound someone makes when they blow a raspberry? Additionally, why the hell is it called a raspberry? I don't call it that, but when I was trying to explain it to someone ages ago, they told me that's what it's called. Back to the matter at hand... I'm going to go with "Pllllrrrrr".
It's funny/interesting/lame how if I write a blog that I've put some effort and thought into, it receives little/no comments. Yet the ones I write in a minute based on passing moments of amusement can get up to 30. Granted, half of those are me responding. Even so, I think it's to do with the length of the things maybe. Or that response to a half-serious blog requires a half-serious effort to think. That's what makes me slack in sharing my thoughts on other people's serious blogs.
How come the natural disposition of lots of students at uni is to be isolated in a class, until someone talks to them, in which case they become friendly? Imagine if you were friendly, and then when talked to, you turned cold.
Speaking of cold, the common room I am sitting in is freezing. It's underground and has no heating, or at least, none that is apparent at the moment. They also took my suggestion off the suggestion wall. It was "Monash should grant us all superpowers for being so great. I shotgun turning into animals." Surely that is better than, "I stayed back on the last day of term to wash all the dishes. I will consider your thanks with cash, cheque or money transfer. Regards, Tom." I'm sure Tom was highly reimbursed. ANYWAY. The moral of this story is my common room is cold. I took a photo of my surroundings, just so you get a feel of what I'm dealing with. I know... it doesn't look that bad. Trust me though... it's colder than a Saharan summer.../anything else that isn't cold.

Dean Scholar's Room, Monash University

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where The Hell Is Matt?

This guy goes around the world, travels to beautiful places, and dances. Add that to my list of things I want to do in my life. His video for 2008 was just released (below), but go to the site, read stuff, watch the other videos. I'll put in the comments later the places I thought looked coolest.

Something's pretty awesome about seeing something so simple and silly. That's also a bit of a tongue twister.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Tree

... if only this was mine.

My first was the SS 60 Blaster.

Am I a nerd? Sif!

Edit: The article looked weird with
such short sentences on the left.
So...this is on the right.

Re-edit: No love for the middle man?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Some Notes On Boxing...

  • You should do it.
  • You should not turn up late. Grumpy boxers are, surprisingly, not relaxed.
  • If you don't know what you're doing, shadow boxing can make you feel stupid.
  • Punching continuously with one arm for five minutes is also painful.
  • Ab exercises hurt when done for ten minutes.
  • Do not underestimate how ridiculously fit the old dude running the ab exercises is. He was far better than everyone.
  • Stretching is probably a good idea... in hindsight.
  • Skipping is hard. As I told one musical instrument friend of mine... I probably fail Primary School P.E.

So, in summary, boxing was awesome. Does it sound like I like pain? Maybe.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


We're not exactly half way through the year, but here's some stuff I've been thinking about.

I've halfway through my course! That's crazy man.

Life is awesome. I'm pretty sure that now I write that, I'll become more aware of something crap, but that's ok. God and people around me (familiar and strange) have always gotten me through.

Africa Aid, Elev8, everything are whipping me in meetings, work, planning, etc. I love it. I'm tired. I'm excited.
I'm also excited to be starting boxing on Friday. Since it's a trial first, I'm hoping that it's fun and challenging and that we can keep on doing it. Otherwise, we'll just move on to something else.
I've also been playing lots of basketball lately with little brother. We ball hard... / pretend.

I have watched listened to this song four times straight. Haha, twice on MySpace, twice on YouTube. Awesome? I think you'll agree. It makes me want to have another crack at guitar and song writing. See below below below.

I ran a Veta session on Monday that, apart from being an awesome meal together that we all cooked dishes for, had a great sharing environment for open and honest discussion of our years so far. I asked three questions: "What has been a highlight for the year?", "What is something you've been struggling with?", and "What is something you're looking forward to?" I can't remember my answers, so here are new answers.
1) I've got lots of highlights. I'm very thankful for the healing of my skin.
The new challenges in the things I do, especially of Africa Aid, have been really rewarding when achieved, and just makes me more excited to tackle the next. Of course, I get tired, but that just leads to another highlight - the continual support, encouragement and love shown to me by my family, friends, K, and all others in my life.
I'm also starting to think seriously about music again (or probably, for the first time), and I'm motivated to try and become a better musician because I want to make something beautiful, not because I want to impress or anything other pretentious feelings I might have had in the past. Besides, what I can do isn't really that impressive.
Finally, last year didn't end on a great note in terms of some friendships in my life, but this year has been full of new friendships or growing of some into even more meaningful and valuable parts of my life.
2) I told my Veta group that I've been struggling with fear. I think it's more like insecurity. I get so caught up in doing things and taking on projects that I forgot my limits and capabilities. I like to think I'm a fairly capable individual, but I can't be so ignorant as to think I can do everything. I need people. Other people do things better than me. Unfortunately, in the midst of organising, planning, stressing, I forget to delegate or ignorantly/arrogantly think that if I don't do something, it won't get done; or that if I let someone else do it, it won't be done well. So, I stress and take on stuff, and then what I fear is that I won't be able to reach the goals that I set. Realistically, if I trust my teams and support, who are all awesome people that, when I think about it in this frame of mind, would definitely be able to take on those projects...we could do really great things. Much bigger than what we're aiming at now... But let's not get ahead of ourselves. So. Trust. Fear. Insecurity.
Also, I get annoyed at catching up with friends. I'm crap at it. Because there is a group of friends that I see on a regular basis, it's easy to become complacent and not try hard with the others. Then I get discouraged if I do try to organise something and whoever I'm trying to meet cancels or isn't free, etc. It's irrational. I need to be better at it.
As I wrote in 'Vocation', I have been thinking on and off about how much I have to give up or need to sacrifice to be able to properly serve God and people. Perhaps it's not that I have to give up everything, but I think it's an indicator of my consciousness telling me that I'm probably spending too much time and money thinking about material things that aren't really necessary. This year I've come into more money than previously and it seems to disappear so easily. Even if I don't give up everything, I should make sure I control myself and keep my irrational desires in check.
3) I'm looking forward to the Philippines. I know my eyes will be opened, I know I'll be challenged, I know I'll get angry, I'll be inspired, I'll be hurt. It'll be good for me and I'm also looking forward to spending time with the team.
I'm starting to read more and write more, like I used to, and I love it.
I look forward to sport, because I miss it and it makes me happy.
I'm looking forward to growing more relationships and meeting more people, especially at uni.
Red Frogs will be interesting.
Summer. I'm hoping that all the hype I built up in my head of freedom when I got my license will actually somewhat exist. Ha.
So that's that. I'd love to know your answers on highlights, struggles, points to look forward to. Hope your 2008 is going great, that you're able to tackle your challenges as they come, and that the rest of the year will be beautiful. Peace.