Sunday, March 25, 2007


Would you rather...

Never stop sneezing or never stop hiccuping?

Best/shortest blog ever.

EDIT: What about never stop sneezing or never stop yawning?

RE-EDIT: Thanks to Emmalee, I am clarifying the situation/s.
1) You would sneeze approx. every four seconds. But you couldn't predict exactly when you would get that tingly feeling before a sneeze.
2) The hiccups would also be like normal hiccups - random times. Just randomly forever.
3) Yawning would also be every few seconds.

New WYR: Would you rather always have that tingly feeling before a sneeze, or always feel like you were about to burp, but not be able to? One would make you look ridiculous. The other would make you feel yuck inside.

PS. If you have any WYRs, comment them. I'll put them in another post sometime.


  1. I would definately never stop sneezing. This is because you can tell when you're about to sneeze, and you can stop what you're doing before making the blast. Also, hiccuping is annoying, and doesn't feel good, while you always feel better just after you sneeze. Like, fresher or something. Laugh at me if I sound stupid, but I speak the truth. From my eyes. Or nose. Whatever.

  2. You make a good point, Captain Best.

    I'm not sure, I would probably say sneezing as well, because of the reasons Jono listed, but also because I sneeze alot, so I'm used to it.

    Hiccuping would be funny though. And sometimes I hate sneezing because my nose is all runny/my eyes are watering, and you have to stop everything for a sneeze...

    But in the end, sneezing.

  3. Totally not an answer to any of your choices. Interesting fact: If I sneeze, it is always twice. No more, no less. Twice.

    I find people that sneeze more than maybe three or four at the most times arrogant and showing off their nasal capacities.

  4. no.
    monash, no.
    you are not clear.
    how long is there between each hiccup/sneeze?
    is there like a five second break or is it totally continual sneezing/hiccuping?
    if so, i do not choose sneezing. it is a scientific fact that you cannot keep your eyes open when sneezing.. therefor, if you are continually sneezing you would be forever unable to see the world. in esence, you would kind of be blind.
    with hiccuping, although it would be SO irritating.. you could still talk.. sort of.. see. hear. smell.. do everything. sneezing also makes ur entire body heave.

    .. sneezing is 1/8 of an orgasm jono.. this is why u feel good.
    u dirty. dirty person.
    that is all.
    i rule.. and so on.

  5. I think I would choose the sneeze feeling instead of the burp. I generally feel like that a lot of the time anyway-damn allergies. I'm allergic to animal fur yet I have a cat. Pfft. Anyway.

    Sneezing instead of yawning as well.

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  6. emily you are wrong you can sneeze with your eyes open, and you are all weird as if you go sneezing at least you can hide hiccups seriously constant sneezing would mean you can never go to a funeral or a wedding or a performance ever again cmon guys get with it, stupid bloggers