Monday, March 12, 2007


After a chat with a good friend, we decided to try for doing something new. Because we've recently been taken up with the idea of Lent, and how good it is making positive changes, this is the deal:

Every 40 days, a new challenge will be undertaken. The old ones will still keep going, but one by one, slowly bad and unnecessary things in our lives will be eliminated, and replaced by good things. Kind of sets you free from useless stuff, like being materialistic. At the moment, the pushups/situps are going splendiferous. Somedays, I do double. Just because I feel good.

So far, some ideas for challenges:

  • Purchase no junk food
  • Wear nothing over $20
  • Wear no brand name clothing
  • No computer
  • No phone
  • No swear words
  • No meat
  • No processed food
  • No TV
  • Added running
  • Veganism

Comment if you have more ideas. It's March at the moment, so I need about seven solid challenges to take up.


  1. Sounds good! Does that mean that if you stop using computer, you won't use it ever again? Or until the year finishes? Vegan forever?
    I think I need to fast from computer.

  2. Hey Em. Probably not forever. Some things I'll try to change permanently, but others just as a change. Probably 40 days without computer will mean less computer time for me, meaning more constructive time for other things. Vegan forever probably won't happen too.

  3. I don't think I could do vegan forever. Probably not even vegetarian. I may steal this blogular thing too.