Sunday, March 18, 2007


During a Youth Leaders meeting today with Jono and Matt, we were discussing strengths, weaknesses, personality etc. I wrote for one of my strengths 'Fire'. I'm passionate about stuff, and I like to use it to drive me to do everything. It means I am usually on fire for whatever I'm doing, and really want to make it work, even if it means hard work. This means that my strength is great, my drive is great. They're my positives. However, as one of my weaknesses, 'Fire' was also there. It sometimes makes me harsh, strong-minded, arrogantish. This is the downside of 'Fire'. Jono and Matt agreed that Fire was definitely my element.

Jono has a condition called synesthesia, in which letters, numbers, words, sounds, odours and shapes evoke colours and visual imagery in his mind. I'm pretty sure he told me that the colour of my name is red. But can't remember, ha. Either way, we decided that in our version of Power Rangers, I'd be the Red Ranger - as I usually assume leadership of stuff when there is none, get fired up easily about doing things, but also with anger, etc. May often make brash decisions, or try and rush in and do things myself without thinking I need others' help... then have to rely on the other Rangers to save me. I might not see that things could work from a different approach from mine... needing someone like Air to show me a different perspective.

We decided Jono was Air, but we didn't decide a Ranger. He was able to see things from a different point of view, and, like wind, he brings change - different ideas and creativity that others lack. However, sometimes, ground level, smaller things, escape him, which is the weakness of air.

Matthew, ironically, was Water. Due to his calm nature, and usually quieter, cooler self, Matt is fairly level headed and doesn't let anger get to him quickly. However, Water always has that indication that it could be powerful and great at any moment. I think it was appropriate for Matt. The weakness of the water was that sometimes it can be too laidback, too calm. Sometimes it needs some fire to get it going. Matt cited lacking passion as one of his weaknesses, making the need for fire seem appropriate.

After discussing all these ideas quite seriously, we decided that, in one way or another, our element leads us to rush into stuff and generally not be very organised. Also, we often forget little things that are quite important to making what we do better. We decided we need an Earth. Basically, an Earth is... down to earth. They see the little things that set the foundation for big things. They are solid and hold back people like Fire, Water and Air before they rush off without thinking about things. I think it's true. We need an Earth. Or try to be more like Earth, while still keeping our other strengths.

This is a very complicated and weird sounding explanation of our leader qualities, but I find it interesting. Each of the elements needs the others to keep them balanced, but also brings something that aids the others. When I was contemplating putting the Garage together, and who the leaders would be, I actually did think about the qualities of each person, and things to work on, and how we all compliment each other nicely. I think it works. But where is our Earth? Stay tuned for more element adventures.


  1. "Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Fire."

    That is very interesting... I think all of those descriptions fit you guys pretty well from what I've seen on beach missionnnnn.

    Good luck with finding some Earth!

  2. Air power, blows ben away. Pow. O no, he's using sunburn power on me! Argh, no, fire is so dangerous. Quick, water, save me! Make the air mroe humid, so that I can annoy people more! Let us combine and become: Thundercloud! Now, lets get that fire. O no, he's combined with earth. It's Volcano! Thunder attack.

  3. I found site meter on your site. Went to their site. Got site meter on all my sites. The challenge now is: make my site meter number go up! I allocate this job to you. And your friends.

  4. Em=Bree: Choose your element. I am interested in yours. Bit of air i think.

    Jono: Sunburn to the max! Volcano ERUPTION!!!! Argh I'm evolving to supernova. You're gone whispy wind. Oh no! Hurricane!
    / Good work on site meter. ha.