Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goodnight Message

Wrote this. Last night. Thank you to Simon for use of one line.

Drift between the ebb and flow,
On waves of sleep, you'll boldly go,
Tomorrow's near, beyond this bed,
But for now, rest, your weary head.

Take your pains, set them free.
I know all you can truly be.
You'll change the world, in your own way,
An ordinary hero shines each day.

May you dream the sweetest dreams,
May you find hope and ways and means,
Tomorrow's near, it's right ahead,
But just for now, it's time for bed.


  1. That made me a lot less angry when I went to bed last night.
    I like your style of writing, Mr. Chongmiester.

  2. I'm glad. Hope the anger is resolved. I liked this one, which is why I blogged it.
    Mr. Chongmeister.