Monday, April 02, 2007


I've been writing lots of poetry lately. Some for people, some for myself. Some at random moments. This is one of those ones. If you've never done speed writing, it's cool. Just come up with a topic, and write something down as quick as you can. This took me three minutes, and I wrote it to distract myself from a German assignment.

I should just quit uni and start writing for a living I think. Maybe give me some other abstract things to write about/keep me amused.


  1. Pretty much you should quit uni.
    I don't think I've ever read such a good poem about tetris, but then, I haven't read any poems about tetris. Except for this one.

    I think this poem wins. Don't know what, but it wins.

    Write about... babushka dolls. Or batteries.

  2. On your advice, I quit today.

    Am I lying? Yes. I am. Ha.

    I was pretty proud of the tetris one, but now I'll have to back it up with other good abstract poems. Babushka dolls maybe. Batteries is very abstract. You were just naming stuff you saw around you. I know you.

  3. Haha, yes that is very true, very true.
    You could write about crooked shopping trolley wheels, you could write about accents, you could write about .

    Yes, write about . I would very much like to see a poem on the topic of .

  4. Best poem ever! Yay fun! I wish I could randomly speed write a pome like that so fast and so good. Maybe try soon. Maybe. Maybe not.