Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well Lent has apparently started. Since I've only been convinced to jump on today, by several people severely informing me, "CHONG! You should be doing Lent!" So anyway, Mr. H2O has challenged me to do 100 pushups and 100 situps everyday, for the next 40 days. I shall do this, and when I come back, you will see how strong I am... through the tone of my blogging. Mr T. wishes he typed like me.


  1. Gooood luck with that, Chongtown!
    I should jump on board and do something. But I doubt I could do one hundred pushups and situps a day. Weak&unfit town.

  2. Maybe do 50? 25? 2.5?

    I need something to give up, what can I give up? Computer for 40 days? That would be a challenge I think.

  3. It would be a challenge. I gave up computer for a month once. Couple year back. Before myspace & blogtown, so now it would be harder.

    It felt rewarding though. I would give up computer but I need it for church emails & stuff like that. The socializing I think I could deal with.

    Maybe I should give up the word town.

    Anywho... you could give up... something that seems to take up a lot, or even a little of your time, but doesn't use that time for good. Then you should take that time out to dinner and read it a poem you wrote.

    Hmm, break a bad habit?