Monday, June 04, 2007


My second 40-day challenge of the year finished last month, but I haven't started a new one yet. So as of tomorrow morning - Tuesday 5 June - K and I are starting this one: No swearing.

Now, I'm not sure how much I swear, and I don't think it's anywhere near as much as some people. But I just don't really want to, because it is so pointless, and honestly, the context in which most swear words are used is so unnecessary and useless anyway. So I am going to eliminate it. Hopefully for good. But the challenge itself ends on Saturday 7 July.

Now by swear words, I am going to go so far as to eliminate even the ones considered generally not that swear-like. Like 'crap' or 'hell' or 'poobumwee'. So it will be a little harder than first expected.

I am compiling a list of punishments that K and I must do if we swear. Here are some, and I want you to give me more.

  • No tea for a week (Now you must know... I love tea. And drink about two cups a day.)
  • No internet for two days
  • No msn for two days
  • Donate $30 to Africa Aid
  • No tv for two days
  • No music for two days

So yes, they are rather lame at the moment. Come up with more punishments. They can be serious or silly, I would like a mix of both. Hoorah! Good work.


  1. Added:

    3 hour study session, 20 minute break halfway.

    Probably.. will be good for me.

  2. I like these punishments. They are all very radical, though. I would slip up so much that I would end up never watching tv/ drinking tea again. Especially since Pooweebum is counted as a swear word!
    Here's my input for a punishment: You must drink coffee where you normally would have drank tea. For two days! Aha! For me, this would be a reward.

  3. ARGH YUK! COFFEE! I shall discuss with K and shall review it. As of today, I am on a punishment already - no tea for a week. I only had one slipup though.

  4. its poobumwee jono,
    how embarassing?
    i just swore.
    but i can still drink tea.
    although i wont, cos i hate it.
    i think after the forty days you will be used to not swearing.. and thats a good thing :]

  5. does it count if u swear in your head at something but not out loud?

  6. I don't think so, but I will count it. Although, if I swear in my head, I usually just say it anyway. I don't often swear just to myself in my head. Good to see you back on the blogs Kirstface.

  7. Get a swear jar... and cook a batch of cookies every time you swear, then, when the jar is full, give it to me. Or starving children who like cookies. You decide.

  8. I will NOT have a swear jar. Unless it is made out of cookies itself.

    Update: I'm on 5 strikes from three days. That's 5 in 72 hours. Approx 1 every 14.4 hours. Not too shabby, but I am craving tea. Badly.