Friday, April 06, 2007


So my Lent challenge is over. All in all, I really enjoyed it - pushing myself and seeing changes was good. I took a photo of before and after, and I can see differences, but I am still undecided as to whether I should post them, so for now... they shall remain in my files and not on your screen.

As written before, I will take up other challenges every 40 days. I still plan to keep up the 100 pushups/situps a day but for these 40 days I am:

  • Maintaining a clean room. This seems pretty weak for a challenge, but my room is disgusting, and always has been. It's going to take a week to clean it up, and will be hard to keep it that way. But it's still a positive difference, at least in my life.
  • Not spending more than $30 in a day. I know Digger did no spending at all, but I'm not committing to that just yet. I cannot spend money on any indulgences - eg unnecessary food, clothes, stuff. I may spend in an emergency, or if it is completely for someone else and not for my own gain. I think I can handle this one ok.
  • Finally, copying from last night's episode of My Name Is Earl, I am going to set aside 5 minutes a day to consciously do something for the environment. Whether that's walk around uni and pick up trash, or sort out recycling stuff at home, or be conscious to turn off electricity, shorter showers, half flushing etc., I think this is a good thing for me to do. It's not going to fix the ozone layer, but at least it's better than me doing nothing.


  1. Yayayayayay. I like. I am doing re-lenting again also. I think you should post the pictures on the site, mainly because I want to see them. But if you havn't changed enough, then maybe don't, because then we can all imagine that you chanegd heaps. I know I, for one, havn't changed all that much. But then again, maybe I have, I just didn't take a photo!

  2. I might send you the photos or show you them at church sometime. Don't think I'll post them.

    How's the doing niceties going? Any good ones so far?

  3. Chong, you are relentless.