Monday, April 16, 2007


I. am. frustrated.

Yesterday's Garage wasn't the greatest start to the term. We now only have an hour to operate in, and it wasn't enough time, so we had to cut the program down. Several boys/behaviour were a struggle, and it's annoying because I also like these boys. I get along with all of them outside the Garage, but when it comes to the program, I wish sometimes that some of them weren't there. Which is harsh and unfair. But yes. Garage made me angry. We also had a new boy, who I'd talked up the Garage to, and told him it would be more exciting and fun than the usual kids stuff at church. Pretty much didn't back that up.

Also. I got on the bus to uni today. 1 hour 15 mins. Get to Monash. All the buildings have no lights or anything. Walk around, try to find out what's going on. Nothing. Call someone. "Uni's been cancelled, the power's out, so you can just go home!" Well. I wasn't as excited. Why? Because I had to walk back to the bus-stop, get the loop bus that passes through Forest Hill and irritates me. A further 1 hour 25 minutes. On the packed bus, loser people who put their bags on one seat, and their feat on another, meaning they take up three seats. Totally wanted to break their legs and throw their bags out of the bus. Irrational? Pfft. Total time wasted = 3.5 hours. Anger.

I'm also. sick. of. chasing people up and making sure they've done stuff. It stresses me out. Far out, I hate complaining and writing about my anger and such. It makes me feel and seem like a whinger. But at least I'm not bottling it. But yes. Maybe another burnout is coming up, sooner than expected.


  1. monash,
    you just need chicken fingers.
    i know you do.
    sometime this week? or next week?
    is a must.
    and we can chat
    and be jolly
    and have some chicken fingers
    and free refills that we now know about
    cheshire isnt cheshire without smiles.
    hope it returns :]

  2. Don't feel like a whinger complaining about your anger and stuff. I'm not going to say any cliche line like "at least your letting it out and not bottling it up", but instead, I'll just say that I understand perfectly, althouh maybe not feeling the same thing, I understand, though.
    Question: Do you think burnouts are neccessary? Do you think that if you didn't have a burnout, you would just have a massiver one later? Or do you think preventing them is a good thing? Coming from sombody like me, who does not have ups and downs like somebody like you, just constantly blowing in the same general direction, I don't really understand this proporly. If there's anything anyone can do, me included, to help you in these times, or to prevent these times, make sure you tell us.

  3. i think you have done the right thing and yes let it out, coz it def helps!!

    but yeah thats crap how you went all that way and then monash was cancelled, thats what happened to me last night, went to bball last night and get there and the people o sorry didnt anyone ring you guys to tell you, the other team cant play tonight...and where like what ever!!
    so went to the pool room...baha!!

    but yeah i think your got a fair call!!

  4. Pfefferknuckle: yes. fingers in the new future. could have been today ha. but for now, the cheshire is back. hope yours is too.

    Jono: I wish burnouts weren't necessary or existing. I want to prevent them, but am not completely sure how. It is also caused by the actions of others, and my reactions to those. Thank you for offer of help though. Sometimes, I wish people didn't offer broad general help, and tried to see what it is that could really help me. That might be a bit selfish on my behalf though.