Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ahem. This is not a post. Emillyyyyy Wood suggested I post this beautiful drawing I drew on msn. After she accused me of being a tree hugger. Awesome?


  1. Awesome!
    You should post the other ones too.

    In fact, start a gallery, of msn drawings. Draw a picture every time you post a new blog and post it with it.

    Bahahahaaa I sound like a sheep.

    You're a tree huggin' hippy that's what you'll beeeee

  2. hey i love it, it shows ur loving not only people, but trees, and i think we all should hug a tree a day, we have to be thankfull for them, it shows ur making trees have babys aswell!!lol

    any ways, about the to do list, this what i want, not proble what GOD wants, like i have plans with him and what i want to do with him, but there in my room, for me to remind myself just what me and god have planned together!!

    but i think just setting goals for your self is always a good thing, it means we can look forward to what is ahead!!

    ur beliefs i like chong!!

    getting people saved around me, is just another way to saying i wanna be a brighter light!!
    i wanna be a better christain, and make a differnece in someones life!!

    so there you have it, me just spilling all this stuff again!

  3. Why is your body black, but your face white? I thought you were neither.

  4. Em: Ha. MSN gallery. You have quite a few of my masterpieces.

    But I do not think I have the dedication to draw one for every post.

    Hannah:... your comments confuse me. I wasn't really making a point with the picture, just a stick figure man giving some love to a tree. But it's nice that you picked that up.

    In response to your response... it is good to set goals, but you have to be careful about what goals, and your motives behind them. You can never take credit for the 'saving' or coming to God of another. I believe that anyway. There is a difference between being a good Christian and doing something good for somebody else's life... and actually saving them. I believe the second is impossible, faithwise, for us to do alone, or to claim credit for. Ha. Who would have thought such a philosophical thing would be written in a picture of a guy hugging a tree?

    Jono: I'm omnicoloured/it's just a guy hugging a tree. Doesn't have to be me haha.