Tuesday, April 10, 2007

30 Things I Miss About Primary School

  1. Dressup days - as your favourite book character, football player, movie star, nursery rhyme, list goes on.
  2. Moo milk.
  3. Yogo.
  4. How whenever there was a dressup day, you also got lunch - pie and moo milk. But there were always a few who would go for pasties, and I would always wonder what the hell a pastie was, and think it was some sort of snobbery of pies.
  5. Lava tanbark.
  6. Not having stuff that I missed. Unless, I didn't get to see Cheez TV that morning.
  7. Cheez TV.
  8. Agro's Cartoon Connection.
  9. My wicked combover, and then stage of forgetting I had hair.
  10. Being the fastest kid in the playground.
  11. Being smallest, and also strongest. Hooray for gymnastics.
  12. Doing gymnastics tricks for show and tell.
  13. Show and tell in general.
  14. Readers.
  15. Being able to just go up to people I didn't know, and start talking to them, because we were sharing a playground. There was no concept of social standings or awkwardness.
  16. Super cool novelty socks.
  17. Three breaks - playtime, lunchtime, mini-playtime.
  18. The whole class playing tiggy together.
  19. All the different types of tiggy.
  20. Not thinking tiggy was a silly word, and being unashamed to say amongst friends, "I know! Let's play tiggy!"
  21. Art smocks. Dinosaur ones.
  22. Weekly trips to the library.
  23. The librarians.
  24. Rounders. And the teachers who decided they didn't want to teach after lunchtime, so we went and played more rounders.
  25. That we didn't have bells to start and end class. Instead they played music, and people sang along to whatever was on.
  26. Taking any song, and replacing all nouns with poo, bum or wee, and thinking it was the most awesome thing to ever be done.
  27. Aiming for things that are really, not that useful. Pen license. The fact that I used to think it was illegal to write with a pen otherwise.
  28. However I acted seemed to be the standard of maturity, and nobody expected otherwise of me.
  29. Made up playground games.
  30. The friendliest adults. Namely, the cleaner and the lollypop lady.

Big man. On campus.


  1. Haha! Awesome.
    I miss all those thing svery much also. I wish I was back in primary school. It was the best!

  2. If my children ever complain about being in primary school... I'll make them do whatever job I have for a day, while I got sit with my legs crossed and play with m.a.b. blocks.

    I can't believe Garage boys complain about primary school. Fools. They don't know what's ahead of them.

  3. Ha, I was one of the few who cam e to realise the greatness of primary school while I was still there. Mind you, I only realsied this near the start of grade 6. But at least for a small time I appreciated the easiness of it all.

  4. I realised after I left Serpell, because there wasn't that same sense of freedom at Trinity. I still loved it, but I'd grown up by then.

  5. Heeeeeeck yes.
    Gosh I miss primary school. And I don't. I was/am a loser at school.
    But primary school still beats high school.

    What about chair bags? My friend once left an egg in her chair bag, and maggots got in there and the teacher yelled at her or something and made her clean it out.
    It's been what, 10 years? Since then, and she still gets upset if you remind her. Scarred.

    I miss playing in the sandpit, and on the clay hill and making things out of clay, and playing with beanie kids in grade five and being named 'the beanie kids club'

    I miss art, we had the coolest teacher ever and she let us go into the storeroom. I miss using the hula hoops every lunch time for nearly a whole year, and rocking at it.

  6. I once dressed up as Miss. Scarlet from Cluedo.