Tuesday, June 19, 2007


In response to H2O and Croxfordium's blogs on one of my all time favourite games, I decided to show you how I fare in it:

I did not want to just post my scores, I wanted to break them for you. So I spent an hour or three playing Minesweeper, until all three records were broken. As you can see... I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. haha.

I began playing minesweeper in Year 9. I tired of playing solitaire, which I had become quite good at. (Record is about 52 seconds. But that was one card dealing. I have since moved on from my naive ways). During the midyear exam period, I discovered that this game of numbers and clicking that I had so often seen, tried once, failed and been scared of... was actually quite addictive. And so I played and played and played. There were other things that you would assume would take up my time, but there was always time for Minesweeper. I even had people at school challenge me to races, where we'd start at the same time. I never lost, except on beginner which is a chance sort of thing.

Now, I am proud of my friends who have begun playing Minesweeper. They, too, know the satisfaction of seeing that little yellow face don his sunglasses and flash you a smile. If you are not yet intrigued and/or converted to giving it a go, here's six reasons why you should:

  1. Seriously. The little yellow guy. He makes the best faces.
  2. It makes you think fast... really fast.
  3. Increases your reflexes and agility... in one hand.
  4. Boasting factor. I am not ashamed.
  5. Distraction factor.
  6. Finally, the last reason comes from the old adage "Wounds heal, chicks dig scars..." especially ones sustained while playing Minesweeper. Am I right girls? Right.

And the last part of that quote? "Glory... lasts forever." Except when that glory is a Minesweeper high score, because then it lasts until somebody comes along to beat it. That person will be me.


  1. Ben, I am making it my goal in life to beat you at Minesweeper. I currently have 8 seconds for beginner, 42 for Intermediate and 112 for expert... 156 if I'm not using flags. I will get better! Working two more days this week. That's 16 hours of minesweeper practice!

    Love Kyla

    PS. Very very impressed at your ridiculous perstistency in minesweeper.

  2. Kyla: Ha! That is a life goal to be proud of indeed. You see, as you keep on playing... So do I. Constantly trying to break my own records. So every step closer you get, I'm getting one step further away. Ooo. Although, your scores are very impressive. Especially the not using flags one. I have never tried, but I will now.

    Remember, when playing Minesweeper:
    - Take breaks, don't play continuously. It hurts your eyes, brain, and wrist.
    - Remember to warm up.
    - Stay hydrated haha.
    - Eat foods that are healthy for your hand eye coordination. Like basketballs.
    - Be aggressive. Be be aggressive.
    - Never give up.

    I'm proud to call you one of my Minesweeper peers.

  3. I am geting better at it, but I cannot beat expoert yet. I always get about 90% of the way, then have to guess something, and I guess it wrong. I hate those buits. Any suggestions as to how to avopid having to guess?

  4. There isn't much you can do, you'll always be faced with guessing bits. Sometimes, it helps if you start on the side or in the corners, because that means one of the boundaries - where you tend to get a lot of the guessing - has been partially taken out of the equation.

    Just go slow and steady till you finish once, then try to beat that by a little bit. Gradually you'll get better and better. Remember, I started in Year 9. That was four years ago. It's taken a long time to get to where I am, and I only finish expert every few times too.

  5. the next time i am at your house,
    or the night we have disney night,
    can you please teach me?
    it scares me at the moment,
    and i wanna be like you, jesus.
    xx :] plj

  6. Heck yes I'll train you. I'm starting a school for all of my students.

    I'm no Jesus. I had to do training to be able to play fast. Did Jesus have to do training? Hmm. I guess he had to learn stuff in the temples and everything, but he also challenged that stuff.

    Woah! This blog just turned religious!

  7. I don't know what you see in this game. It is bad and boring.
    I don't know how you, Matt and Jono could add this to your blog.
    Anyway keep wasting your life on Minesweeper.


  8. Ah Lauren. How naive you are. I was once like you. I once thought it was bad and boring... until I conquered it. Then I knew that it held an important part in my life.

    Remember Lauren, don't judge something until you've given it a real go. So tell me, after finishing Minesweeper, and having looked into the face of the smiling guy with sunglasses, that you don't like it. I dare you.

  9. That little yellow guy needs a name.

  10. He is our nameless hero. I'm not sure he requires one, but if you are willing to suggest. Maybe Pablo.

  11. minesweeper is the most frustratingly stupid game in the world. the little yellow face makes me sad everytime i kill him. the end

  12. That's why you must play more! To save him, and not let him and his family die. Play it for the good of all yellowsmileymankind!