Sunday, June 24, 2007


I love when people speak with passion, or very openly display it. It's such a open expression of yourself, and it's so easy to connect with, even if it's something that I'm generally not that interested in. You could speak to me about something really boring/silly - such as that childhood rumour that the amount of stitchlines on your cap meant how good it was - but if you do it passionately, I'll probably be interested.

Tonight, a guy named Peter Breen came to church. He's visually impaired - blind from birth - and if I remember correctly, something like a head member of Christian Blind Mission International. I know he's with them, but don't quote me on the headness.

Anyway, he played the piano and sang a number of songs for us. He was a talented pianist and a great singer - which was impressive alone - but the fact that he sang with such passion and a emphasis was what made it awesome.

Along with these, he told lots of funny stories and jokes, and related his experiences back to life and faith. He was pretty laidback, but it wasn't hard to feel his passion for his message - which was to find the light in the darkness. As the quote says in one of my old blog's, and Simon's most recent, "it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness". Through Peter's talking and singing tonight, it was very clear that he has overcome his darkness many times, and lit many a candle. It was so clear because of the passion he spoke with, and his solid belief in it, and that God could help him come through anything. I sometimes shy away from that sort of stuff, especially that adamant outright statement of absolute belief in God, because I doubt and wrestle a lot, but it was a great encouragement for me.

In MPH training, we've been telling the Ambassadors that they shouldn't speak about facts and statistics and try to guilt trip people into caring about poverty, but to just speak about what makes us passionate. This is something I've believed in for some time now. I find that I make better connections and reach people more when I just talk about what I believe in and why, rather than try to tell them the old 'a child dies every three seconds'. Real passion makes real connections. Winner.


  1. Passion is very good, yes. Agree. And I also did like very much Peter last night.
    I think it is one of the most important things in the world ot be passionate about something, or more than one thing. I have often thought about what it is I am passionate about, and can never come to any solid conclusion, but every now and thenm I realise the sorts of things I am passionate about, and it gives my life more fullness. Other people's passions also excite me, even if I do not share it with them. E.g. if somebody was really passionate about how many stitches their hat had...
    Wait, I would never be excited about that. Hats are for stupdid heads. And for people who like hats. I am not one of those people.

  2. I believe that passion is a strong motivating force within our lives. I know that, as Ben you've suggested, when someone is sharing with me, or giving a speech, about something that they're really excited about I too become excited; passionate. I wonder what causes this. How does one individual’s energy influence the energy and emotion of another? What is it that draws us to people of passion? I haven't really nailed it, but I too am attracted to people who can articulate clearly their beliefs and inspire others to follow.

  3. Jono: It is hard sometimes to find passion, but I'm glad to see that you keep on searching. It always feels good to be passionate about stuff, or to be around people who are passionate about things. I encourage you to share it with people more, when you get excited, because that not only fuels their passion, but your own. It's like a positive affirmation - or for something that I see you as being passionate about - a warm fuzzy.

    Simon: I'm not sure how one's individual energy influences that of another. It seems to be contagious, passion seems to just play on the minds and hearts of those who really listen to it, and it becomes a part of them in some way. I am critical a lot, and I know it's not good, of those who hide themselves, and don't share as openly as others. It is usually because I think that if they were open, and spoke pssionately about whatever it is they are passionate about, and not hide it, I and others would be inspired by them too.