Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Standard Three

So anyway, (standard introduction... coming up:) I was talking to my friend the other day. Or tonight. Her name is émmaleé p. Wait, too obvious, let's say e pfefferknuckle. Better. She asks me, "If you had three wishes, what would they be?"

I thought about it, and I don't want to have to choose a cliché (note: fancy é) answer, nor do I want to have a materialistic answer. But what do I choose? From now, I am on a journey to decide these three. I shall take consideration of all ideas/anyone else's wishes, and eventually émmaleé shall have her answer.

For now, we play the waiting game.


  1. well. i know what one wish would be.
    although its probably cliche. but i figure. WHATEVER. if there were no rules. and it could be as big or as little, or as impossible as i wanted.

    then wish number 1-
    no disease.
    no cancer.
    no malaria.
    no AIDS.
    no typhoid.
    no bird flu.
    no rare scary diseases that make you age too fast, or make your hair fall out, or make your eyeballs stick three inches out of your head. (im not sure if there is a disease that does this.. but there probably is knowing the world today)
    .. just. no diseases or illnesses, or conditions, or health problems.

    however, if that was too difficult, and there WERE rules. i would wish that every disease could be curable even if it was caught, or inherited. because then, in a way, there would still be no disease.
    the end.
    e pfefferknuckle.
    p.s im awesome.
    p.p.s ill get back to you on wish number two and three.

  2. Preliminary Wish #1:

    I wish that before they die, everybody in the world will realise the good and potential inside them, and use it to enrich the lives of at least one other. It may sound soppy or whatever, but at least it's not 'peace on earth' and so on. Plus, automatic peace means no lessons will be learnt and the world will eventually return to its current state. At least with this wish, people might change and learn a bit, for the better.

  3. IOU three wishes.
    Remind me to comment here and tell you them.

  4. I don't care how selfish, or whatever these wishes sound, but they are my three wishes. I would probably want more, or less, or whatever, and I would probably change these every day, but right now, these are my wishes:

    1- I would wish that there would be no evilness in the world. Not meaness, or lack of niceness, but "evilness". I won't try and decribe what I percive as evil, but that is my first wish: for evil to stop.

    2- I wish I could make whatever I wanted. That is like, make a movie, or a song, or a pictrue, or a prop, or whatever, just whenever I wanted, and make it good, and make it without anybody else, so I can say I made it myself. I know this one's selfish, but I can't help having this wish.

    3- This one's also partly selfish. I wish that I had the ability to be a better friend. Maybe people think I already am, maybe not, but I have never found a way to express how much I really love all my friends. Sometimes I feel like I'm not a good enough friend to lots of people, who deserve better from me, and that makes me feel bad. So that's my last wish. I don't know if I should feel bad for not having any real global, perfectly selfless wish, or feel good for not having a stupid head wish like "I want to fly", but whatever. They are my wishes.

  5. Hey Jono,

    thanks for wishes.

    with 1) is that no evil and no chance of it reforming? because don't you think it just would eventually reform like coz of greed and human flaws.

    2) that's pretty cool, but i dunno if i'd want to do it at will, because that would be boring and i'd have no sense of accomplishment after. besides, who said you can't do that already?

    3) i like this. it's not that selfish, because you're wanting to be a better friend for the sake of other people.

  6. E Pfefferknuckle.

    I like your name and whoever gave it to you. Also, it's been a while, but I decided to reply to your wish #1.

    With no cliches, no rules, your wish is cool, and is for others. if every disease were curable, that wouldn't mean they would be cured though. There would still be countries overseas that couldn't afford the cure, even if there was one. Which is just like it is already in so many countries.

    Peace. Love. Jazz

  7. Wish no 1...maybe.
    I haven't really thought about this enough, but maybe wish number one would be no pain?
    Not as in physical pain. Well, yes actually, as in physical pain to some degree, but no extreme physical pain, and no extreme emotional pain.

    But it still doesn't work properly. And I can't be bothered typing why.
    But I will think about it and... reword my wish until it says what I want it to.

  8. Okay, let me explain, then retract my wish.

    I don't wish there was NO pain, because pain can sometimes be a good thing. It warns us when we do something bad to our body, or we feel pain when something sad happens.

    If there was no pain, we would constantly be harming our bodies, whilst at the same time walking around like heartless monsters.

    So, pain is good to some degree, but the pain I was talking about was deep, emotional pain, the kind of pain that destroys, and consumes people, that makes them lose their hearts, that makes them commit suicide.

    That sort of pain is the pain I'd wish away.

    But I don't know if it's one of my "Standard Three"

  9. Gah! Every wish I think of eventually gets bigger and bigger and then it doesn't work! This frusdiutgfsfttrating me!

    Ok, I'm going to stop analyzing everything so much.

    1. I wish that my life would work out as a fairytale. That doesn't mean everything is always peachy, because fairytales have their conflicts too, but I wish for 'happily ever after'

    2. I wish that people got along everywhere. Imagine school, or work, or church, or even in the streets, everyone accepted each other, no one was left out. Everyone was friends.

    3. I wish that people like us, and rich people who spend insane amounts of money on useless, material things would wake up. We could end world poverty in the next week if we wanted to, and everyone helped. Sure, it would take work after one week to keep everything maintained, but it IS possible, and we COULD do it, but people are selfish, and because of that, people are dying from hunger, and easily curable diseases every day.

    Ok. I'm done. I reposted this to fix one spelling mistake.

  10. Was the spelling mistake 'frusdiutgfsfttrating'? I think you forgot the q in there. I shall respond seriously sooner rather than later.

  11. Frusdiqutgfsfttrating.

    There's a Q there now. In a grammatically correct place.

    The real spelling mistake was 'sue' instead of 'sure'.

    It's nearly sooner!

  12. 1) Fairytale is a nice idea. Happily ever after. If I think over some endings... they'd be a bit too shallow for my liking. 'Challenged' (wanting a better word) ever after would be nice.

    2) I also like. Like my preliminary, would everyone learn why we should be friends? Know why they're friends with everyone? Not just magic? Also, do friendship levels go up and down like in reality?

    3) There's lots of us already awake. The sweetest thing is that we can help wake up others, if we start doing it ourselves.

  13. I think... hmm, it shouldn't be magic, because that makes it less... meaningful I think.

    I think there would be varying friendship levels. It would be better I thinks.

    I think I wouldn't eliminate relationship functions as such, ie. people can still have arguments and such, but everyone is just sort of friendly, and create an atmosphere where people feel at ease and accepted. People don't have to be friends as such, but still friendly.
    People. I said people a lot. Am I making sense?

    I agree with the 'challenged ever after'

    And I myself am slowly waking up. but I'm taking a long time to yawn.

    I love metaphors.

  14. Em: Stop yawning and get out of bed.

    Winner rebuttal I think.

  15. Winner rebuttal indeed. Ok I am out of bed and I want two more Chongy wishes and eggs for breakfast, please.

  16. Do NOT get back into bed. Stay awake and do something with the day that's been given to you.

  17. Yes sir! But you haven't given me my breakfast yet. And all this talking in metaphors is messing with my head because I'm gonna physically go to bed soon...