Monday, February 26, 2007

Digger's Tolstoy Quote

I saw this on Digger's Blog, and really liked it. Since it's so short, I won't bother linking it, just copy and paste.

"If I know the way home and am walking along it drunkenly,
is it any less the right way because I am staggering from side to side"

Love it, so helpful on a few different levels (and also interesting considering he was himself an alcoholic!)

I also love it. I like to think of life as our 'journey', and that it twists and turns and weaves in and out of paths until we get to where we get to. I like to believe that God sets us a place we'll end up, as in the 'masterplan', but we have choice of which way we take to get there, and will experience all sorts of things before we get there. It's my way of explaining why I'm doing what I do now, even though just one or two years ago, I would never have even thought about doing this sort of stuff.


  1. Yes! 'Journey'

    Reminds me of beach mission and the li'l teens. I miss them :P

    But I also like this, because it's a metaphor, and I love metaphors :D
    Good...thinking. For want of a better word.

  2. Not a metaphor, ir is an analogy. Learn your propor terminoligy, Emily! Sorry, metaphor also works. I didn't mean to get angry. But I wasn't angry. ... I'm confusing myself.

    Anyway, commented on Digger's site anyway, I think you can look there for my opinion.

  3. That is quite right, Jonathantown, consider my terminology learned!

    I like this, because it's an analogy, and I love analogies.

    But I still like metaphors as well. And it is still a metaphor.

    New word! Metalogy... anaphor?
    I was gonna say analphor... but it doesn't sound so good...