Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Free Hugs Campaign/Random Niceness

Most people know about this. A dude from Sydney, Juan Mann (haha I laugh at this, it's like one man, making a difference, you'll see after you watch the clips), started walking around Sydney carrying a sign saying 'Free Hugs'. People loved it, except the council banned him, because if someone got hurt they'd be liable. They said he needed $25 million liability insurance. Ridiculous. Anyway, he overcame it in a different way. I saw some people commenting the videos, saying they were 'nancy' and stuff, but they're just haters. I know how cool it is to have random people to random nice things for you. It's even just cool when there's a person who's willing to listen to you, often they're not that close of a friend. Last year when I went through a whole lot of stuff involving family, I had dudes who weren't my closest friends just sit and listen to me ramble, and it helped hugely. Just recently I've met someone who's told me lots about themselves, and I've told them, and I think it's cool that we can trust so easily. I don't really worry about if in the future it might be thrown back in my face. I used to.

There's an idea I have for the Garage on doing random acts of kindness, but we'll see. It might end up just being stolen from "Pay It Forward", but that movie might even end up being a movie theme study.


  1. Aww... feel the love.

    I haven't seen Pay it Forward for years. I think I remember it being a good movie.
    Good stuff with the Garage, hope it's all going swell!

  2. Did you know, there's never been a campaign in Melbourne? Not officially recorded I think, I investigated. I think I'm going to blog more about this. But can you feel the urge to do it? I do. But then, I bet lots of people do, and never do it. Maybe the Garage boys will get it done.

  3. i pretty much havent said pay it forward.
    chongy i think we should start a free hugs campaign. you know why? it gives us something to do in life that occupys time WHILST still being free.
    i got your back.i am pretty much a part of the italian mafia.
    but seriously.
    im not kidding.
    e pfefferknuckle.
    p.s im a fan of this sign off name now.

  4. hmm yes pay it forward. i'm hoping the corniness of it, though a good message, doesn't come off on the boys.

    i also already put my name down for the campaign on their website, and will give organising an event a go. it will be wicked neat. haha.

    italian mafia pretty much are the farmers for the triads so whatever. you stole pasta from us.