Monday, February 19, 2007

Fuzzy Pad

I claim partial credit for the creation of this site, as it was made at my house, after I helped choose the name. But really, tis the brain idea of Jono Croxford, who has a passion for warm fuzzies and writes real good ones himself. Basically, a 'warm fuzzy' (some name I heard about when I came to church), is a letter, poem, or other usually written note that positively affirms another person.

Jono decided to set up a space where anyone can leave a warm fuzzy note to someone else anonymously. Nobody knows who sent each note, but it just feels good to get one, as well as give them.

It's another way to do a 'random act of kindness', just like the Free Hugs stuff. Visit FuzzyPad now and get writing.


  1. Ha ha! Awesome, an ad for Fuzzy Pad. I must admit, you do deserve partial credit for the creation of this site, after all, you did help in the thinking of the name, and it was created at your house at 3 or so in the morning! If anyone reads this, and doesn't go to Fuzzy Pad. I will throw so many blank bits of fuzzyless paper at you that you'll probably get an elbow disorder.

  2. You can smanbasticalise others!