Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When Blogs Stand Still

Things are moving very slowly in blog land. I feel like writing, but it's quite possibly just for the sake of keeping the words, "I have a blog," or "I blog," true.
Some thoughts:
First, let's begin with the most important philosophical one. What is the correct spelling of the sound someone makes when they blow a raspberry? Additionally, why the hell is it called a raspberry? I don't call it that, but when I was trying to explain it to someone ages ago, they told me that's what it's called. Back to the matter at hand... I'm going to go with "Pllllrrrrr".
It's funny/interesting/lame how if I write a blog that I've put some effort and thought into, it receives little/no comments. Yet the ones I write in a minute based on passing moments of amusement can get up to 30. Granted, half of those are me responding. Even so, I think it's to do with the length of the things maybe. Or that response to a half-serious blog requires a half-serious effort to think. That's what makes me slack in sharing my thoughts on other people's serious blogs.
How come the natural disposition of lots of students at uni is to be isolated in a class, until someone talks to them, in which case they become friendly? Imagine if you were friendly, and then when talked to, you turned cold.
Speaking of cold, the common room I am sitting in is freezing. It's underground and has no heating, or at least, none that is apparent at the moment. They also took my suggestion off the suggestion wall. It was "Monash should grant us all superpowers for being so great. I shotgun turning into animals." Surely that is better than, "I stayed back on the last day of term to wash all the dishes. I will consider your thanks with cash, cheque or money transfer. Regards, Tom." I'm sure Tom was highly reimbursed. ANYWAY. The moral of this story is my common room is cold. I took a photo of my surroundings, just so you get a feel of what I'm dealing with. I know... it doesn't look that bad. Trust me though... it's colder than a Saharan summer.../anything else that isn't cold.

Dean Scholar's Room, Monash University


  1. Firstly. nonaltruistic dishwashers? Amazing.

    Secondly, I believe a raspberry is spelt bttttttthhhhhh!!!!!

    And, finally, the reason it's called a raspberry came from cockney rhyming slang (eg. dog and bone=telephone etc.). 'raspberry tart' is slang for fart. This got shoptened to 'raspberry' and raspberries sound like farts.

    I know all.

  2. Also, in that last sentence I did mean shortened not shoptened, which is clearly not a word

  3. Kyla: I was quite proud of nonaltruistic dishwashers.

    I tried out your spelling by making the noise several times. It amused me that I was doing it. In hindsight, I think there might be an 's' in there somewhere, but I don't agree with your spelling.

    I am impressed, however, by your reasoning. Very. Impressed.

  4. You should be proud. I wish I had your gift for labelling blogs!

    I don't necessarily agree with the spelling, but I believe that is the common way to do it.. My sister insists it should be blllllllth.

    By the way, it is also known as a 'Bronx cheer' and the official name for it is an 'unvoiced linguolabial trill'.

    Am I scaring you with my intense knowledge?

  5. Mmm I can see how your sister might think that. Still... I'm not convinced. The 'th' thing at the end of both of your answers might be a lead though.

    I am impressed, but I'm also quite suspicious of your Googling/Wikipedia-ing.

  6. I am wikipedia, my friend. Haha. And just for the record, I disagree entirely with my sister's spelling.

  7. Funny that Wikipedia has that. Your sister is really only one letter away from your spelling.

  8. Yes, but there is a lot of that letter and it makes a big difference.

    And as to your allegations that I used wikipedia to answer your question... They may be correct. I really have nothing better to do with my time.

  9. "That's what makes me slack in sharing my thoughts on other people's serious blogs"

    Agreed! I spend so much time making sure that my posts are interesting and challenging and then get 0 comments, okay, maybe one or two.

    It's an intersting thing, but I am sure that more people read my blog than I know about...

  10. Unfortunate as it is, Sime, generally people are reminded to see your blog if you comment on theirs. So some reciprocity is required. Even though we'd all love comments to come flying at us ha.

  11. Ahha.


    Get a jumper.

    This is true about the comments thing. But uh, I'm really too lazy to elaborate (you can take that as an example)