Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From the canvas - my prayer for the bushfires

God may our humanity be what burns brightest now,
May spirit, love, community and kindness... even forgiveness continue to be stirred into flame,
You are moving in people and their overwhelming response of compassion to tragedy,
It is what gives us hope, it is where the light is in the time of darkness,

And so with this in our hearts and minds,
Let us sing - loudly, defiantly,

as one voice
one nation
one world,
O, sing, souls, sing:
Life can
Life must
Life will go on.


  1. It seems like we've moved on, really. It's hardly in the news anymore.

    But there must be thousands of people still homeless. Still hurting.

    It's both inspiring and saddening that tragedy such as this brings us all together.

  2. It's true. But life is moving on, and if anything, the response to tragedies, such as the bushfires, teaches me two things:

    1) The fleeting media presence is, but should not be, an excuse for not acknowledging the plight of peoples all around the world. If we know there are wrongs happening, I feel obliged to help make others aware of them, and at least sit in prayer and reflection on them;

    and 2) It gives me hope and a glimpse of what the world could be like - since it seems most of us are capable of loving each other despite difference and unfamiliarity. This is inspiration enough to engage in the first point.