Monday, February 16, 2009


I've found it easy to get a bit down over the last week with all the news reports, stories and friends' experiences with the bushfires... but this is something that made me laugh quite a bit the other day.

My mum's desktop.

Don't notice anything interesting yet? Well, how about a closer inspection.


That's right. My mum has a 'Show Desktop' icon on her desktop. I went to delete it, but she told me not to, because "it might be important." This is the same lady that I once caught dialling a phone number into the tv remote and getting freaked out because the tv was acting possessed and her calls wouldn't connect. I can't wait to be like that.


  1. Ha, Your mum should meet my brother, who once said he liked having his old ticking clock next to his bed (even thought he had a digital one too) because hearing the ticking reasured him that everything was ok, that the world hadn't blown up.

  2. I despise ticking clocks. I once slept in K's living room - with three different clocks, two of which were cuckoos, and (and this bit would kill you especially Dave) all ticking at different beats. I had erratic ticking in my head all night, and on the hour, each clock would do TWO cuckoos for each hour...

    Midnight almost killed me.

  3. I laughed sooooooooooooooooooo hard at this, Ben... Ah, show desktop... And, best bit! I showed my mum and she said 'I don't get it.'
    hahahahahaha... My mum agrees that you should definitely not delete it in case it's important. Awesome.

  4. Imagine, one day we're going to be just like that. Not understanding technology, yelling at the microwave because it's scaring us. What sort of crazy machine would beep five times? It's natural to assume that it's a bomb.

  5. Aaaaaaahahahaha. Ha.
    I laugh out loud at your mother.

    That is hilarious to say the least.

  6. To say the most, Mum is bad at technology. All she knows is pharmaceuticals, cooking, raising children and square dancing.