Sunday, September 07, 2008

Things That Sound Bad Out Of Context #2

Benjamin. says:
how does baby taste

Kyla says:
oh shut up.. i only ate him a little today



  1. Again, you are a jerkbag. Jerk jerk jerk.

    Jerk jerk jerk jerk.

    I have an amazing vocabulary.


  2. I like jerkbag. Jerkhat? I'm fond of that suffix for insults.

    Also, jerkpants.

    But seriously. Leave the baby alone.

  3. Oh the baby's fine! Stop being (I was going to say 'such an asspants' just to put the other two together, but asspants makes too much logical sense) such a jerk.

    Actually, on second thought!

    I never said that! This is slander!

  4. David: You don't seem to have a problem with the fact that Kyla has tasted baby.


    Kyla: I will actually go through the effort of printscreening, saving, reducing file size and uploading just to prove that you have not acted appropriately.


  5. I like jerktweasers.. It sounds old grandpa-ey. Like fiddlesticks or cobswobble.

  6. I think you mean Cadswallop. Also, Consarnit, Damnation, Whippersnapper, Tarnation, etc. etc.

    You harlot, you. Jezebel. She-devil. Jerkdevil. Jerksoup.

  7. Maybe I'm just not sucked in that easy buy you and your quoting out of context ways.
    You jerklamp...

  8. Maybe I'm not sucked in by you and your mis-spelling.