Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gone, Going

I turned 20. Friday Night Games was great! We raised just about $1000. Thanks to everybody who came, supported, gave ideas and suggestions, donated, everything. You're all awesome. It was a busy birthday.

I'm packed. I'm ready - to go, to get on the plane, to see a different side of the world, to be challenged, to be rocked, to be happy, sad, angry, hurt, excited, all of it. Probably won't be as ready when it all suddenly hits me in the face. But for now, I'll just hope and pray that we all get out of this what we're meant to; that we stay safe; that we can be as much help as we can over there, without being imposing; and that things are great for all of you still here.

This is a picture from a Google search of 'Bicol' - the place we'll be spending the most time. I think it's amazing. A nice little juxtaposition of natural beauty and poverty. (PS. Juxtaposition? VCE English points!)

...and that's it! I'm out. Peace. Much Love. God Bless.

Until I return, stay safe. BC.


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  2. In my school planner, your birthday is listed as the 12th of October?
    It confused me. And I wrote my homework in the wrong month.
    I was going to come to FNG, but I had folios due .__.

    Wow, uh, I suppose good luck with the trip! Even though you might not read this until you come back... in which case: Was it awesome?? In the literal sense of the word.

    That picture is a nice juxtaposition.
    You get three points; for using it, spelling it correctly, and mentioning that you used it.

    Actually you get four points for making it a label as well.

    Anyway, good luck with the trip, hope it all goes well and that you challenged, etc, and that it will be a 'life changing experience', to sound cliché if I may.
    (Now I get points for using the correct 'e' in cliché.)

    Emily Wood, VCE