Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Life on Film

I have a list of movies that I want to watch or have been recommended to watch. Two movies that I have checked off that list that I really enjoyed were:


I have seen parts of "RENT" on stage before and loved it. Once I had "Seasons of Love" in my head for at least a month after I saw a production. Some parts were hard for me to understand, such as Maureen's protest. Others were fun and a bit corny. There were some bits that went deeper and the actors and music did a really good job in conveying this. Examples: (Don't watch if you plan on seeing the movie) At the funeral and the Life Support scenes. Overall it all added up and become a great story about the lives of separate people and the impact they had on each other once their lives began to overlap. I especially enjoyed watching the development of the group's dynamics: from the build-up and exciting times of the group's formations, through to the breakdown at the funeral, then to them all being brought back together by their care for a friend in need - something that made their previous arguments to trivial. As I'm sure most people can, I can tell of that sort of transition of friendships in my life. Perhaps without the same ending. In any case, "RENT" was great.

Juno was also really good. The soundtrack was awesome and the story was funny and still dealt with some issues that are reality, but still seem to make some uncomfortable. When I watched it, there were some people who judged it instantly, the fact that there was swearing, teenage pregnancy, pre-marital sex, etc. - all these things that happen everyday in the real world - so why shouldn't they be allowed to be on film? In any case, the movie was moving and even got through to some of those people too. Good fun.

These movies were both about lives and the ups and downs that people experience all along the way. Unsuprisingly, a movie that wasn't so much along that line that I also checked off my list recently, and wasn't very good was...:


  1. Yay Juno!
    My media teacher hated that movie, he thought they were trying to be like Napoleon Dynamite... but whatever.

    Haven't seen the other 2.

  2. Watch RENT! Don't bother with Semi-Pro.

    Juno was not trying to be like Napoleon Dynamite! I don't see massive similarities either. Surely Juno and Napoleon Dynamite are also on different levels in terms of content depth. Your teacher is silly.

  3. K, K, and I know!
    Up until he said that, would've said best teacher ever.

    I liked the promotion of Juno... don't know why... Just loved seeing the ads for it everywhere.

  4. i am SO excited u saw rent!
    i love that movie!
    i think ive spoken to u about it before!!!
    argh! im so excited. haha!
    i wanna watch it now!!!

  5. Emily: It was awesome. The macaroni to my cheese.

    Emmalee: Ha! How awesome! Yes you have. We talked about Light My Candle etc. You have so many exclamation marks!!!!!! It looks like you were incredibly excited when you were typing ha. RENT is awesome.


  7. I'm SO glad you've watched rent Ben. it's pretty ace.
    I saw it live at swinny uni a few weeks back, just as thrilling much more entertaining :D:D:D
    smiley faces explain my excitement.

    favourite bit is when they all sing together 'seasons of love' at the start/end

  8. Dang it, and by HAPPEEEEEEEEE TO THE BIRRRTHDAY. from Holly-Joy...