Saturday, August 09, 2008


Like many people, I watched the Opening Ceremony. The first hour or so was amazing. The drums were incredible. Movable type was awesome. And then... watching all the countries was none of those things.
The only things that made it amusing were:
  • Watching the Chinese girls in white who formed the big circle around the athletes drain in energy, coordination and synchronisation over the two hours of dancing while the athletes walked. By the end, they weren't doing the same moves, or at the same time, and I'm pretty sure half of them were dead inside.
  • Being a fashion critic. As if I'm (not) qualified for that.
  • When Azerbaijain came out, the cameras did the usual flick to any dignitaries that were in the crowd. They showed a well-dressed man and woman standing next to a grumpy looking boy. He looked like he'd been forced to wear a nice shirt, but he'd untucked it in defiance. He had a combover. He didn't seem to enjoy it. He wasn't smiling and waving when the cameras came on, so the woman (who I assume was his mum) nudged him. He waved, but the sort of weak wave you might give to someone you're not a fan of... and somehow looked even more upset. That's what the Olympics is about right? Unhappy children?...No? Crap.

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  1. I actually missed the opening ceremony... disappointing. But your observation of the crowd is very amusing.