Thursday, August 14, 2008


In the typist pool, this is what makes me the kid who just got facial hair amongst a group of pre-pubescent boys.
Edit: Eight minutes after posting this, I broke my record. 2.05s.


  1. I am amazed and incredibly impressed! The best I could do was 6.21. I will keep trying, though, and I will eventually beat you! (Actually probably not as I'm incredibly uncoordinated and the typing thing doesnt work well for me)
    It's the qrstuvwxyz that
    s killing me. I'm amazing until then!

  2. I will give you an incredible prize if you can beat. Probably something equivalent to a high five. But MAGICAL!

  3. A magical high five? I'm intrugued! I am off to break your world record.

  4. I can't believe I just wrote 'intrugued'. That's an entirely different word from 'intrigued' which is clearly what I meant to say.

    Coincidentally, 'intrugued' actually means; unable to move because one of your limbs is trapped.

    None of my limbs are currently trapped

  5. To beat me, you'd have to click till your wrist was at the point of 'intrugion'(?).

  6. Oh man, first try: 6.26 seconds

    You could write the alphabet like 3 point something times in the time I write it once...
    Also, what sauce is on a nerdburger?

  7. I am currently on 1.92 seconds! Broke the 2 second barrier.

    The 'sauce' is when you right click a website and choose 'view source'. That's our menu.

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