Thursday, January 25, 2007


So how do you even write a good blog anyway? I have no idea. I don't think the secret is being deep, because as much as I like doing it, or like the idea of people seeing my thoughts as deep, I'm fairly amused by nonsense rambling blogs. I don't really have the consistency to keep people interested. Maybe it's just not very interesting. Anyway, it's 1:37 AM, and I can't sleep. I've turned fairly nocturnal in this 'Post-VCE' stage.

So. Today (by which I mean the 24th. I measure days by between when I wake and when I sleep) I woke up late, ate five sausage rolls for breakfast and lunch, and watched three episodes of South Park. What a sophisticated life I lead. Later, mum and I went to Monash Uni to do the fancypants enrolments. I got to see the common room for us supposed smart ones, although I think I'm a pretender.

Tonight I had dinner with friends. I was amused that I chose a $16.90 meal over a $17.90, partially on the fact that there's an extra dollar saved. Clearly, I need a job.

Finally, I did nothing after that, and now I sit writing this nonsense. Which I hope will lead to inspiration of something profound, but probably not. I am going to do this to see if it leads me to ideas of future blogs:

Things I Like:

  • God, most of the time. Probably don't give as much liking as I could.
  • Sports
  • A clean room, but not cleaning it
  • My blue shirt with birds and a tree with things in it
  • Finding out that that bird is actually a partridge and the things are pears
  • Feedback. I always wonder what people think when they read this stuff. I know you read it, because there's a thing that tells me. I don't care about comments so much, just curious
  • Punctuation. , ! @
  • Music. Playing, listening, seeing. I'm not going to be like "My life is the music," etc. But it's pretty cool. So cool, that when I had the hypothetical given to me, "Would you rather be deaf or blind?", I seriously considered blindness, so that I could still hear music.

Things I Dislike:

  • Having to clear my throat before bed.
  • Bad blogs. And I have a feeling this is one.
  • Itches.
  • My skin for hurting me.
  • Shallowness. Especially mine.
  • Not being very faithlike or a good example of what I believe in.
  • "I'm a better Christian than you" syndrome. Experienced at Beach Mission.
  • Haha my cynical side. It's pretty big.

Things I Am Proud Of In My Life:

  • Africa Aid, I wish I was more organised with it and that my passion for it was huge everyday. I really do love it, and being able to realise how good so many people are underneath.
  • Church, and that I love it now, and actively try to know people and God more. Most of the time.
  • KS. She makes me very happy.
  • Finishing Year 12 well. My goal last year was to be satisfied with my VCE results and to grow up a bit. Think I did a bit of both.
  • My little brother. He's one of my best mates. All my life people have told me and chosen me to lead stuff, and I have teased him about living in my shadow. But I reckon he is such an ace leader and person.

Things I Am Not Proud Of In My Life:

  • That this is quite hard to do in a public setting
  • My anger
  • How easy it is for me to put down people and things
  • How easy it is for me to feel better than others
  • My relationships with the rest of my family
  • Not putting in enough effort as I could have into things
  • Not being able to put in everything I'm not proud of here.

Things I Am Looking Forward To This Year:

  • The Garage
  • Youth Internship @ DCC
  • Africa Aid growing
  • Vetamorphus small group continuing
  • Uni.
  • 'Mission Possible'. I dunno what it's really called, or if I'm officially on it. But it's a cool idea, and I'll write about it once I know more.
  • Social justice stuff at church.
  • There's lots more, but still thinking.

Well this has been a long post. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up, look at what I wrote at some ridiculous hour last night, and be ashamed. Or maybe I'll like something, and write a bit more, we'll see. For now, I think I will sleep.

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