Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It Was Then That I Carried You...

So lots of people know this story. The one about the man questioning Jesus in a dream about why, during the darkest moments of his life, it seemed that Jesus disappeared from his side. This is an old feature from 1998, but I thought it was interesting. The story about Jesus and the man is nice, but it's kind of lame too. It's the perfect stuff for non-believers to use to call believers delusional. I know I would.

The article is set out as a debate. Jesus offers his point, by retelling the story. The counterpoint is offered by a guy who seems to have a lot of anger and pain. He tells a lot of his personal story, and it would make anyone depressed. So when we feel that low, is it really Jesus carrying us? Or are we left to go through that alone?

I went through a stage this year where the reason for my crap feelings was that I didn't feel connected to God or the church anymore, and I felt stupid at school for being Captain of Faith and telling the boys about something I didn't feel close to. So if the reason I was upset was that I didn't feel Jesus, was he there the whole time carrying me?

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