Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have a confession, as it seems to shock a few people. No, I had never been to Melbourne Central before. Until yesterday. When I found all sorts of cool things.

I went shopping with KS for stationery (note: with an 'e'. I'm pretty pedantic) and did so, but also ended up buying new clothes. I don't like to be materialistic, but I can be. I got three new shirts, discovered a cool new shop. It's called T Bar.

T Bar, Melbourne Central: Home of cool shirts

So anyway, there's so many shirts and it's pretty much the coolest shop ever.

Also, we stopped a Smiggle to buy an awesome smelling jelly eraser and notebooks. K bought me a diary too, which I can use to finally get organised. Eventually.

I now need a job.

Postwise, I am in the process of writing 100 Things About Me, but it's taking ages and is harder than I actually thought it would be. And I've been distracted by finally learning how to play poker, playing poker, catching up with my little bro who's back from Germany, other things. But soon, it shall be done. Oh and I start the Youth Internship next week.

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