Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh yeh...

... on a lighter/delayed note from the taxi incidents*, these things also happened, or are happening:
  • I turned 21! Much fun. Now I am eligible for adulthood everywhere. By which I mean, humiliating ID checks and refusals to belive I am 14+. Here's a photo from the festivities, the rest can be found on my Facebook.
  • I was a church leader on IMMERSE, camp for youth in high school, looking at the story of God and where it intersects or is completely part of our story. Was great times, both because it was a chance to get to know some of the Doncaster kids I haven't had much interaction with, but also some good reflection time for myself too.The final night was also an excuse for me to dress up as Marty McFly...who not every child knew. I'm angry and outraged that the youth I lead don't know Power Rangers, Asterix, Captain Planet, Back to the Future, Bill & Ted, Bangers and Mash, Aaah! Real Monsters, and pretty much every cartoon that has made me the childish person I am today.
  • Thinking about next year has started. I'm three essays, an exam and a class test away from graduating.
  • I've been having a few chats with some people about a new MPH campaign road trip next year. Shall see if I'm involved or not down the track.
  • I've also had a few meetings with church people/college people, and it's currently looking like I'll be doing a Masters of Divinity with Honours at CCTC next year. I'm excited to be studying something different, and getting the theological grounding I need for all the field experience stuff I'm already doing.
  • Lots of disasters. Devastating to hear about all our friends in the Philippines battling through cleaning and re-building. Still praying.
Ruined stuff and mud at the IN Compound after the floods in Manila.
  • The birth of the KittenZ!: Doncaster's newest basketball club. First game is tonight and I could not be more excited.


* Still no follow-up from the company to complaints. Incredible work taxi company.

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