Monday, June 01, 2009

Home Alone

Mum and Dad have gone away for about three weeks, meaning it's myself and two brothers at home. Standard of living decreases when they go away.
Day 1
Come home from uni. Jeremy (younger brother) and I watch Game 5 of one of the NBA Playoff serieses*. We had to make dinner, but the game went to overtime, so we kept watching. Got to 7:30pm, and we realised we had half an hour to have dinner and get to small group. Decided on grabbing something from the freezer and cooking it there. In the car, Jeremy was holding a box of dim sims and two scrunched up bits of paper towel. We cooked them at small group, ate them in ten minutes, felt oily and sick the rest of the evening.
That night, we came home from small group and realised all three of us had forgotten to bring in the washing Mum did before she left. Big brother was home the whole time we were out. It rained heavily on Wednesday... on writing this, the washing is still in the bathroom drying.
* I found a need to re-use a seemingly one-time-only tag!
Day 2
After tutoring my students in the afternoon, have to walk home. The usual 30 minute walk takes about twice that time in the heavy rain. Except the rain is too heavy, so I decide to walk to the bus stop and wait. I get home at 6:45pm. I finished tutoring at 5pm. My next tutoring session is at 7pm. I eat dinner at 9:30pm... fried rice. Most decent meal at home so far.
Day 3
Leave the house in evening to see a play, glad to avoid eating at home. Brothers asleep when I get home, boxes near bin tell me they ate frozen pizza. Dishes in sink, washing still in bathroom.
Day 4
Spend most of the day out of the house. Lunch is more fried rice (Mum made many ice cream tubs full of it before she left. We've pretty much finished them all.) Jeremy and I go to JV's 21st. JV is from a Maltese family. Last time I went there, there were at least 8 different types of meat. This time was no different. At one point, I had four different types of chicken on my plate. Jeremy and I eat as much as we can, knowing this will be our best feed for a while.
Later regret not filling pockets.
Day 5
Feel sick from previous night of eating. Equally as pathetic, if not more, to have a hangover from eating, not drinking, too much the night before.
Have to go to work at 1pm at the church, waiting on big brother to bring home car. He went out for lunch unexpectantly...and got home at 1:20pm.
Lunch is five Ritz biscuits and a tub of chocolate YoGo. Later, a handful of pizza shapes.
Dinner is random foods - Garage made chicken and leek pasties, two (also Garage made) coconut maccaroons, a cup of tomato soup, some chips, some sweet and salty popcorn - at church and a quarter pizza at home.
Day 6
Today I ate two bananas, a fruit bar, and a meat pie. First attempt to have something that wasn't frozen failed. Brought in a load of washing today, because it was raining. There is not much room to hang it up inside, since last week's washing is still there. Our dryer doesn't work. Oven is looking a good option.
Some stats
Current number of people thinking us pathetic and inviting one or all of us over for dinner: 4.
Number of meals cooked by us so far and eaten together: 0.
Total number of meat pies consumed by us: 9.
Total number of dim sims consumed by us: 20.
Items of washing in the bathroom: 30+.
Number of clean underwear left: 4.
Number of emails Mum has sent: 4. One every day and a half.
Number of replies from any of us: 1. Me, last night. After the most recent email said, "Are you boys even reading my emails?!"
Temperature of house: -2139481279875135 degrees.
Sicknesses: None yet. But feeling a little itchy.
Days till Mum and Dad come back: 15.


  1. oh, ben! You're all going to get scurvy. My sympathy invite still stands... and it's SYG this weekend! You'll get some food there!

  2. Ironically enough... the very next day after writing this blog, Jeremy and I both became very sick. Have spent the last few days in bed, but have been improving. Hopefully ok in time for SYG!

    And yes, I will be bringing an extra bag for snagging me some snacks and sympathy leftovers. Picking out of the bin is not below me.