Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I’m loving Vetamorphus, as always. This year’s group is different to the other years – in that there’s all girls (3), and only one is a Doncaster kid. But it’s been great fun, they’re all massively talkative and hyper, so never a dull moment. There’s been some funny stuff to come out of random conversations, so as I remember them, they may find their way here. Here’s two to get you started.

Girl 1: Hey, did you get a haircut?

Girl 2: Yeh I did, about 6 inches off.

Girl 1: …That’s like half a sub!

(Looking at Genealogy in Matthew)

Girl 1: I think it’s kinda cool to see how Jesus’ ancestors all progressed to that point.

Girl 2: It connects some of the prophesy from the Old Testament.

Boy 1 (Boy no longer there): Gee, it’s lucky all the women involved weren’t infertile.


There is also a Casanova puppet show that was done in one of the seminars, but I can’t remember the dialogue. Just know it was perverted and hilarious.

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