Thursday, October 09, 2008

Things That Sound Bad Out Of Context #3

Sorry guys, just had to get one in before I start on the Philippines stuff. I'm pretty much ready to write on all that, but first...

"Breast milk is SO good."
On second thoughts, that sounded bad even in context. I had several laughing fits that day.

I'm off to Sydney tomorrow morning for this conference. When I get back, apart from starting to write one billion words of essay that I missed out on, the Philippines posts will start.



  1. BenChong you are full on!

    I can't imagine that breast milk line in context, although I'm pretty sure I heard a baby say it once...

    Enjoy your conference. Bring me back a pie.

  2. Ha it was so funny. We were talking about babies and how they grow and get nutrition... and then that gem came out.

    Sorry, no pies in Sydney. At least, none in the places I explicitly ate.

  3. Man, Sydney is like an alien world.

    But that's okay. I don't even really like pie all that much.

  4. WHAT?! Pie is awesome. On the way to the Philippines, we had this chicken and leek pie on the plane. It was amazing. I wrote about it instantly in my journal. Also I talked about it a lot. Lucky the food was so incredible in the Philippines, otherwise I would have been pining for it constantly.

    ..But now I want it.